How To Unlock Any Unknown Smart Phone Pattern/Password


Smart phones are now very common than even a computer. Sometimes, you do see some little problems that you think are bigger problems just because you don’t know how to fix them.

Do you know something?
You can actually fix that problem all by yourself and keep that money for yourself.

Problems like getting your pattern locked or forgetting your passwords are simple problems that you should be able to fix all by yourself. The repairers always take your money for nothing.
Well, with technical minded people like us around, you don’t have anything to worry about because we will do everything possible to help you fix the small problems all by yourself.
In this new tutorial, I will be teaching you how to unlock any smart phone pattern or password.

There are two different ways to unlock a pattern

First, if you have forgotten the pattern, you can easily draw the pattern several times to get it locked completely. When the pattern is locked, you can use your Gmail account to unlock it. With this tutorial, you must make sure your internet connection is active and you must know the email and password before you go through this tutorial.
If the first tutorial didn’t work, then you have to go through this second tutorial. This tutorial will wipe all data from your phone including pictures, videos, contacts and settings. So you go through this tutorial at your own risk.
If you are ready for this, then let’s go.

  1. Take out the external memory card if there is any.
  2. Take out the battery for a minute and put it back.
  3. Press and hold “Home key + Volume + Power button” until you see some menu.
  4. Use the Up or Down Volume to scroll through and select “Wipe data/Factory Reset”
  5. Press the “Power button” to click
    6.Scroll and Select “Yes” to do reset
  6. Go back and select “Wipe Cache Partition”
  7. Click on “Reboot System Now”
    Now, your phone should boot with a new screen just like how you bought it at first.

Note: The tutorial may differ depending on the type of phone you are using. If you are facing any problem with the tutorial.



10+ Amazing Whatsapp Tricks


Here comes another whatsapp tricks and hacks for all whatsapp users. Enjoy reading and tryout all the tricks listed below.

We know how it is. You’re at figure skating practice, your phone buzzes, and you glance down briefly before nailing a spectacular triple axle.
Sometimes you’ve only got time for a quick glance, taking a little time to formulate a response as you carry on with the rest of our day. Ideally without having the sender realise that we actually looked at said message five hours ago, as otherwise they’d think we’re ignoring them. That’s the privelege the blue ticks take away.
Recently though, the chat app has realised the error of its ways and silently come up with a workaround. The liberty of message-mulling is ours again.

How: Users can just access Privacy via Settings and disable Read Receipts. However, this feature is currently only available to Android users who are on the all new beta version of the app.
If you’re that desperate though, you have to download the beta and head to your Android phone’s settings, enable Unknown Sources to install the APK file as it’s not in the Google Play Store yet.
There, now it’s time to iron out the kinks in your friendships that the blue ticks have caused. The rest of us will just have to wait for a future update.

Think the double blue ticks are the worst thing to happen to relationships since Last Seen? Think again. Here’s another way you could annoy your mates.

In addition to finding out the exact time your messages are delivered, you can also choose to see the exact time your message was read if you choose to stick with the ticks.

How: Go to any of your WhatsApp chats, tap and hold on any of the messages you’ve sent in that chat, followed by the Info option. For iOS users, you can also drag towards the left to reveal a window which will show the time your message was delivered and subsequently read.

It works for group messages too with the window listing the time each participant read the message.

If you’re overseas and you get a new data sim, there’s no need to go through the hassle of registering the new number attached to the SIM and faff around adding contacts. Just carry on using WhatsApp with your regular number.

How: When you put your new SIM in and activate WhatsApp, you’ll be prompted by the messaging service to register the new number. But doing so will mess up your contacts list. Just ignore the pop-up or cancel it, and your WhatsApp should work linked to your old number, while using your new data SIM.

If you’ve got a generic announcement to make – an invite to a weekend BBQ or an intervention about your friend’s unhealthy obsession with KFC – and you don’t want to do it on the loudmouth platform that is Facebook, this feature works in pretty much the same way as BCC-ing people in an email.

Your recipients will get the message as if it was a privately composed one, oblivious to the fact that you’ve sent the exact same invite to 342 other people. Sincerity? What’s that?

How: On the top left hand corner of your WhatsApp Chats window, just below the search bar, you’ll notice a Broadcast Lists. Tap on it for the option to create a new list of contacts you want your message to go out to, and message away like you would normally.

Worried about losing a year’s worth of messages? You don’t have to. WhatsApp knows how precious your chat history is to you and secures it all for you in the cloud.

How: Whatsapp now gives you the ability to schedule a cloud backup on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. If you are using an older version of whatsapp, then you can’t access this feature until you up grade.

If there are certain people you chat to more often, it might be a good idea to create a shortcut for them directly on your homescreen so you don’t have to keep opening and closing WhatsApp.

How: Tap and hold on the chat (group or individual) of your choice and a tab will pop up. Select the Add Conversation Shortcut option and the chat in question will appear as the person’s profile photo on your mobile desktop. Unfortunately this only applies for Android users and not iPhone ones. Sorry guys.

When you’re on a 1GB data plan, every MB counts. You don’t want to be slapped with a hefty bill at the end of the month from sending stupid shareable memes and screenshots of every little thing. There’s a way to make sure that all that heavy-duty image sending won’t eat up what little complimentary data you might have in your plan.

How: Go to Settings, then Chat Settings and then Auto-Download and tweak the settings for how you want your received media to be downloaded. Choose Wi-Fi if you don’t want to overload your data plan. Alternatively, you can trigger downloads manually by switching Auto-Download to Never. You can also save the hassle of having to clean up your camera roll every so often by tweaking Save Incoming Media off.

As WhatsApp becomes the go-to chat app for more and more people, the likelihood of making group decisions gets carried over as well. So if you’re always getting added to new group chats filled with strangers (you social butterfly, you), you might want to keep certain details private until those strangers become friends.

How: Head to Settings, Privacy, and then tweak your Last Seen, Profile Photo and Status to retain a bit of mystery. Choose to share them with Everyone, or only your Contacts, or Nobody at all. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about hiding your phone number.

Not all group chats are created equal, as some are filled with nothing but white noise. And it’s exactly those group chats you want to ignore until you get some down time to sieve through everything that’s been said. On the flipside, there are the group chats you want to stay on top of like ones deciding dinner plans for the night and so on. Here’s how you can stay selectively notified.

How: Go to the significant group chats, tap on the name to bring up Group Info and then Custom Notifications. There, you can select a custom message alert for the group chats of your choice. All you have to do now is remember which alert tone you assigned to which group chat. This customization is only applicable for group chats though.

We’ve all been a victim of that “on the way” lie when the person in question is still in bed. To prevent yourself from ever getting duped again, insist that the contact shares their current location with you by tapping on the arrow icon next to the text box and then Share Location. There’s also a way of preventing them from manually entering their location.

How: The way the location appears is a clue. If it’s a real GPS-based location, the location share will appear as a dropped pin, but if it’s a location they entered, its address will appear beside the dropped pin. Feel free to call them out on it.

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Mavin Crew Set To Tour The UK


Mavin Head Honcho, Don Jazzy and the rest of the Mavin crew would be in the United Kingdom for their first tour.

The crew, including Tiwa Savage, Reekado Banks, Dr Sid, Korede Bello, D’prince and D’ija, will make their first stop at The Ritz in Manchester on October 21 and then they’ll proceed to Indigo O2 Arena on October 23.

The Mavins tour in the United Kingdom will be hosted by one of UK’s finest comperes, ‘T Boy’.


Don Jazzy, Reekado Banks & Korede Bello at NBA Africa Game


Don Jazzy led two of his youngsters
Reekado Banks and Korede Bello to South Africa to perform at the first NBA Africa Game.

The song the two performed is unknown but it could be one of the many hit singles of the label.

Di’Ja was missing in attendance while
Don Jazzy didn’t join them on stage.


Popular Yoruba Actor, Ajigijaga, Dies In Lagos At 60


Popular Yoruba actor, Mufutau Adio, popularly known as Ajigijaga has been confirmed dead on Friday, July 31, 2015.

Ajigijaga who was aged 60-years-old, died at his residence in Lagos State following some injuries he sustained from a motorcycle accident two weeks ago.

The late actor, also known as Broken Bottle by his fan was popular for the role of a crime boss he often played in Yoruba movies. In reaction to his death, one of Ajigijaga’s colleagues, Saheed Balogun, said, “The death of Ajigijaga came as a rude shock to me. He had a motorcycle accident about two weeks ago and was nursing the injuries. He was responding to treatment and was already talking before he died early Friday morning. His death is a huge loss to the industry because he was a very talented actor.”


International Musicians Merit Scholarship, Musicians Institute, USA


The scholarship details and criteria are as follows:

Available to international students only.
Scholarship applicants must have submitted a complete Application for Admissions by the scholarship application due date, and must be entering for the program for the first time.
May be applied to Performance Certificate or Degree programs for Guitar, Bass, Keyboard Technology and Drums. (MI Select program is not eligible.)

The total scholarship amount will be divided by the total number of quarters in the particular program and credited toward each quarter’s tuition in equal amounts for as long as the student maintains a 3.5 GPA. Scholarships are non-transferable, and may not be applied to any person, program or start date other than the one for which it was awarded.

Award recipients will be notified one to two weeks following the application due date.

Requirements & Checklist:

Scholarship Application
1-page essay describing yourself and why you should be considered for this scholarship. You may include your musical background, aspirations or any other factors that you consider relevant.

Video submission (any format: DVD, VHS, Quicktime, etc.) which must contain at a minimum: two (2) songs in two (2) different styles in an ensemble setting (i.e. accompanied by at least one other live musician) and one (1) solo piece.

Application Deadline
For programs beginning: Fall 2015
Deadline is: August 28, 2015
Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.

Send your completed scholarship application form and accompanying documents to:

Musicians Institute Scholarship Department
6752 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028

For more information, please visit official website:


The Richest King In Nigeria


The Olugbo of Ugbo Kingdom, HRM Frederick Obateru Akinruntan has emerged as the richest king in Nigeria according to Forbes rating.

Oba Akinruntan beat the Ooni of Ife, Oba
Okunade Sijuade to emerge the wealthiest monarch in Nigeria. According to Forbes magazine, Oba Akinruntan and Oba Sijuade were mentioned as one of the 5 wealthiest monarchs in Africa.

Forbes magazine recently listed them on their list of 5 wealthiest monarchs in Africa.Oba Akinruntan is rated to have an estimated net worth of $300million while that of Oba Sijuade is placed at not less than $75 million.

The Ooni of Ife has business interest in
construction, property and oil while Oba
Akinruntan is mainly into oil. Oba Akinruntan is the founder of Obat Oil and he is said to own the largest petroleum depot in Africa.

Oba Akinruntan started Obat Oil Company in Okitipupa, Ondo State in 1981 with a gas station which was to meet the needs of his immediate family and neighbouring communities.
OBAT Oil has now grown to more than 50 gas stations across Nigeria.

His company also has one of the largest tank farms in Africa- a modern storage facility that has the capacity to store 65 million litters of petroleum products.

Aside the oil and gas business, Oba Akinruntan is also into real estate as he has choice buildings in London and across Nigeria including the landmark Febson Hotels and Mall in the Central Business District of Abuja Oba Obateru Akinrutan became the Olugbo of Ugbo land, a small oil-rich community in Ondo state in 2009 and that was a prophecy comes true.

Beside his eye popping immense wealth, the respected traditional ruler is a man of class, taste and style. He oozes sheer sophistication as he possesses arrays of luxury cars in his sprawling and magnificent palace. He made history in 2012 when he emerged as the first black person to buy the 2014 model of Bentley which was made solely for Queen Elizabeth of England in the belief that other people would wait till 2014 to ride it.

But Oba Akinruntan shocked all by buying the same version in 2012. Oba Akinruntan also has a custom built 2012 Rolls Royce similar to that of Queen Elizabeth II. And just as he has dazzled all on land, he is also dazzling people on water and this cannot be far-fetched. He was born and bred in a riverine area before he become a king of a riverine area where long before now there was no motorable road.

They travelled by water thus his love for travelling on water. Oba Akiruntan is alleged to control some of the most expensive yachts in the country. He sits atop a business conglomerate with interests in petroleum, shipping, construction, fishery, tourism and hospitality, consultancy services and water purification and production.

Since his emergence as the king of Ugbo Kingdom, Oba Akiruntan’s eldest son, Prince Akinfemiwa Akinrutan, has been the managing director of the company while the king assumed post of the Chairman of the oil company.

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In Nigeria”

The Top 20 Richest Nigerian Musicians For 2015

While many of them have endorsement deals with multinational companies, telecommunication companies as well as other money-spinning companies, some others have huge investments, all of which have further boosted their status in the society alongside their wealth.


Here, we bring you the top richest Nigerian musicians as analysed by yabaleftonline

  1. Patoranking – $1.75m
    This guy is making name for himself in the music and entertainment industry in Nigeria and it’s not surprising that he made the top 20 Richest musicians in Nigeria despite that it has not been long since he breaks into the limelight.

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