10+ Amazing Whatsapp Tricks


Here comes another whatsapp tricks and hacks for all whatsapp users. Enjoy reading and tryout all the tricks listed below.

We know how it is. You’re at figure skating practice, your phone buzzes, and you glance down briefly before nailing a spectacular triple axle.
Sometimes you’ve only got time for a quick glance, taking a little time to formulate a response as you carry on with the rest of our day. Ideally without having the sender realise that we actually looked at said message five hours ago, as otherwise they’d think we’re ignoring them. That’s the privelege the blue ticks take away.
Recently though, the chat app has realised the error of its ways and silently come up with a workaround. The liberty of message-mulling is ours again.

How: Users can just access Privacy via Settings and disable Read Receipts. However, this feature is currently only available to Android users who are on the all new beta version of the app.
If you’re that desperate though, you have to download the beta and head to your Android phone’s settings, enable Unknown Sources to install the APK file as it’s not in the Google Play Store yet.
There, now it’s time to iron out the kinks in your friendships that the blue ticks have caused. The rest of us will just have to wait for a future update.

Think the double blue ticks are the worst thing to happen to relationships since Last Seen? Think again. Here’s another way you could annoy your mates.

In addition to finding out the exact time your messages are delivered, you can also choose to see the exact time your message was read if you choose to stick with the ticks.

How: Go to any of your WhatsApp chats, tap and hold on any of the messages you’ve sent in that chat, followed by the Info option. For iOS users, you can also drag towards the left to reveal a window which will show the time your message was delivered and subsequently read.

It works for group messages too with the window listing the time each participant read the message.

If you’re overseas and you get a new data sim, there’s no need to go through the hassle of registering the new number attached to the SIM and faff around adding contacts. Just carry on using WhatsApp with your regular number.

How: When you put your new SIM in and activate WhatsApp, you’ll be prompted by the messaging service to register the new number. But doing so will mess up your contacts list. Just ignore the pop-up or cancel it, and your WhatsApp should work linked to your old number, while using your new data SIM.

If you’ve got a generic announcement to make – an invite to a weekend BBQ or an intervention about your friend’s unhealthy obsession with KFC – and you don’t want to do it on the loudmouth platform that is Facebook, this feature works in pretty much the same way as BCC-ing people in an email.

Your recipients will get the message as if it was a privately composed one, oblivious to the fact that you’ve sent the exact same invite to 342 other people. Sincerity? What’s that?

How: On the top left hand corner of your WhatsApp Chats window, just below the search bar, you’ll notice a Broadcast Lists. Tap on it for the option to create a new list of contacts you want your message to go out to, and message away like you would normally.

Worried about losing a year’s worth of messages? You don’t have to. WhatsApp knows how precious your chat history is to you and secures it all for you in the cloud.

How: Whatsapp now gives you the ability to schedule a cloud backup on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. If you are using an older version of whatsapp, then you can’t access this feature until you up grade.

If there are certain people you chat to more often, it might be a good idea to create a shortcut for them directly on your homescreen so you don’t have to keep opening and closing WhatsApp.

How: Tap and hold on the chat (group or individual) of your choice and a tab will pop up. Select the Add Conversation Shortcut option and the chat in question will appear as the person’s profile photo on your mobile desktop. Unfortunately this only applies for Android users and not iPhone ones. Sorry guys.

When you’re on a 1GB data plan, every MB counts. You don’t want to be slapped with a hefty bill at the end of the month from sending stupid shareable memes and screenshots of every little thing. There’s a way to make sure that all that heavy-duty image sending won’t eat up what little complimentary data you might have in your plan.

How: Go to Settings, then Chat Settings and then Auto-Download and tweak the settings for how you want your received media to be downloaded. Choose Wi-Fi if you don’t want to overload your data plan. Alternatively, you can trigger downloads manually by switching Auto-Download to Never. You can also save the hassle of having to clean up your camera roll every so often by tweaking Save Incoming Media off.

As WhatsApp becomes the go-to chat app for more and more people, the likelihood of making group decisions gets carried over as well. So if you’re always getting added to new group chats filled with strangers (you social butterfly, you), you might want to keep certain details private until those strangers become friends.

How: Head to Settings, Privacy, and then tweak your Last Seen, Profile Photo and Status to retain a bit of mystery. Choose to share them with Everyone, or only your Contacts, or Nobody at all. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about hiding your phone number.

Not all group chats are created equal, as some are filled with nothing but white noise. And it’s exactly those group chats you want to ignore until you get some down time to sieve through everything that’s been said. On the flipside, there are the group chats you want to stay on top of like ones deciding dinner plans for the night and so on. Here’s how you can stay selectively notified.

How: Go to the significant group chats, tap on the name to bring up Group Info and then Custom Notifications. There, you can select a custom message alert for the group chats of your choice. All you have to do now is remember which alert tone you assigned to which group chat. This customization is only applicable for group chats though.

We’ve all been a victim of that “on the way” lie when the person in question is still in bed. To prevent yourself from ever getting duped again, insist that the contact shares their current location with you by tapping on the arrow icon next to the text box and then Share Location. There’s also a way of preventing them from manually entering their location.

How: The way the location appears is a clue. If it’s a real GPS-based location, the location share will appear as a dropped pin, but if it’s a location they entered, its address will appear beside the dropped pin. Feel free to call them out on it.

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China’s economy in 4 terrifying charts

Australian investment bank Macquarie’s “Macro Monday” note on China presents a worrying snapshot of the country’s economy. Headlines have been dominated by the country’s recent stock market collapse, which so far hasn’t spilled over to the wider economy. But, as Macquarie points out, that’s just one of several big issues facing China right now. Here are 4 of the scariest charts:

1. Chinese stocks slumped 10% last



Despite huge levels of intervention from Beijing , stock markets are still diving. Last week alone the benchmark Shanghai Composite fell 10%. Between its peak in June and its low in July the index collapsed over 30%.

Clearly there’s still a huge issue with stock markets right now and that’s a big problem for the government. Millions of ordinary Chinese investors have money tied up in shares and there are fears that if the slump gets any worse it could threaten “social stability.”

2. Exports are dead and investment and
consumption are dying


The chart above shows the makeup of China’s GDP growth and pretty much everything is falling. Exports, which played a big part in GDP between 2005 and 2007, died in 2009 and don’t look like coming back. Meanwhile investment and consumption — ordinary Chinese spending money on things — are both also shrinking.

3. …and GDP growth is slowing


Given that all the components of GDP are contracting, it’s no surprise that GDP growth is falling and predicted to keep shrinking. Economists also expect China to miss its projected growth targets and sceptics also believe China’s growth figures are inflated.

4. China’s population is getting older


To make matters worse, China’s working age population has peaked— the percentage of people aged 15-64 is set to decline over the next 50 years. The means there’ll be fewer people to drive GDP growth and more people depending on GDP growth to service their pensions and healthcare. Not a good combination.
So in conclusion — millions of ordinary Chinese people are caught up in a stock market crisis that could destroying their savings. Meanwhile, consumption is already shrinking, in part causing a slowdown in China’s GDP growth.

And that’s unlikely to pick up in the long run because China is sitting on a demographic timebomb that will lead to higher outgoings.


13 fastest-growing economies in the world


China’s crazy growth has been one of the biggest stories over the past several decades. But the Chinese economy certainly isn’t the only one posting huge growth rates. We compiled a list of 13 countries with the highest projected compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2014 through 2017 based on the forecasts from the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects.

Keep in mind that the fastest-growing
economies typically aren’t among the largest, most developed ones. In fact, most of these countries suffer from high income inequality, low levels of per capita gross domestic product, elevated political instability, and rampant corruption.

13. China
2015 GDP : +7.10%
2016 GDP : +7.00%
2017 GDP : +6.90%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +7.10%

Economy: China is a manufacturing
powerhouse and exporter, and many believe that its economy will surpass that of the US within the next decade. The government faces major problems, however, as the country transitions into a consumption-based economy. Additionally, per capita income is below the world average.

12. Rwanda
2015 GDP: +7.00%
2016 GDP: +7.00%
2017 GDP: +7.50%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +7.12%

Economy: Ninety percent of the population works in subsistence agriculture or mineral agroprocessing, while tourism, minerals, coffee, and tea round out Rwanda’s economy. Though the country has taken significant steps forward since the 1994 genocide, 45% of the population still lives below the poverty line.

11. Tanzania
2015 GDP : +7.20%
2016 GDP : +7.10%
2017 GDP : +7.10%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +7.15%

Economy: Tanzania has recently seen high growth rates because of gold production and tourism. The economy also runs on telecommunications, banking, energy, and mining, as well as agriculture. In terms of per capita income, however, the country is one of
the poorest in the world.

10. Mozambique
2015 GDP : +7.20%
2016 GDP : +7.30%
2017 GDP : +7.30%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +7.30%

Economy: Mozambique has attracted large investment projects in natural resources, which means the country’s high growth rates should continue. Some analysts believe that Mozambique might be able to generate revenues from natural gas, coal, and hydroelectric capacity greater than its donor assistance within five years. But the vast majority of the country works in subsistence agriculture, and over half the population remains below the poverty line.

9. Bhutan
2015 GDP : +7.90%
2016 GDP : +8.40%
2017 GDP : +7.00%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +7.55%

Economy: Bhutan has a small and relatively undeveloped economy that relies on hydropower, agriculture, and forestry. It exports a large amount of hydropower to India, which has the potential to “spur sustainable growth” in the next few years — as long as Bhutan works to fix its “chronic delays in construction.”

8. India
2015 GDP : +7.40%
2016 GDP : +7.80%
2017 GDP : +8.00%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +7.57%

Economy: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s India has received high marks from analysts, even with delayed reforms. The services industry is a major source of India’s economic growth, accounting for nearly two-thirds of its output with less than one-third of its labor force. Yet problems such as corruption, poverty, and discrimination against women and girls continue to hold back the country.

7. Papua New Guinea
2015 GDP : +16.00%
2016 GDP : +5.00%
2017 GDP : +2.40%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +7.60%

Economy: Eighty-five percent of the population works in agriculture, and a small sector exports natural resources including mineral deposits such as gold, copper, and oil. But the government has numerous problematic areas, including security for investors, poor investor
confidence, the privatization of state institutions, and the restoration of integrity to state institutions.

6. Cote d’Ivoire
2015 GDP : +8.00%
2016 GDP : +7.70%
2017 GDP : +7.50%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +7.80%

Economy: About two-thirds of the population works in agriculture-related industries. The country is the world’s largest producer and exporter of cocoa beans and is also a major player in the coffee and palm-oil industries.

5. Uzbekistan
2015 GDP : +7.60%
2016 GDP : +7.80%
2017 GDP : +8.00%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +7.87%

Economy: Uzbekistan has been slowly
transitioning from its Soviet past to a market-based economy. It’s the fifth-largest cotton exporter and also has natural gas and gold.

Notably, the country is working toward
enforcing bans on child labor in its cotton harvesting.

4. Myanmar/Burma
2015 GDP : +8.50%
2016 GDP : +8.20%
2017 GDP : +8.00%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +8.30%

Economy: Myanmar, one of the poorest
nations in Southeast Asia, started an economic overhaul in 2011 in an attempt to reintegrate into the global economy. The country has a young labor force and natural resources, and it has attracted loads of foreign investment. Living standards for the majority of population, however, have not improved much.

3. Democratic Republic of the Congo
2015 GDP : +8.00%
2016 GDP : +8.50%
2017 GDP : +9.00%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +8.62%

Economy: The Democratic Republic of Congo has huge natural-resource wealth, which it hasn’t been able to efficiently monetize because of systemic corruption, conflict, and political instability. That said, its economic is slowly recovering since the tumultuous 1990s.

2. Turkmenistan
2015 GDP : +8.00%
2016 GDP : +9.00%
2017 GDP : +9.00%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +9.07%

Economy: Turkmenistan’s extremely corrupt economy relies on two major industries: cotton and gas. The former Soviet republic, which has the fourth-largest known gas reserves in the world, recently started sending its gas to China, and it may even start shipping gas over to Europe . But “prospects in the near future are discouraging,” however, “because of endemic corruption, a poor educational system, government misuse of oil and gas revenues, and [the capital’s] reluctance to adopt market
reforms,” according to the CIA Factbook.

1. Ethiopia
2015 GDP : +9.50%
2016 GDP : +10.50%
2017 GDP : +8.50%
2014-2017 GDP CAGR : +9.70%

Economy: Ethiopia’s economy is mostly
agriculture-based, but the government has made a push to diversify into manufacturing, textiles, and energy generation. But while the country has seen and (per the World Bank) will continue to see high GDP growth, per capita income remains ones of the lowest in the world.


Police reveals new tactics robbers use on ATM users


The Police on Friday advised members of the public using ATM at various banks to be security conscious as some criminals now disguised as customers queuing to withdraw money.

A statement on the Nigeria Police Force website noted that on July 30, at about 12:10a.m., a male bank customer went to withdraw money from one of the ATMs at the Central Business District (CBD), Abuja.

It stated that three young men who pretended to have come to withdraw money were also on queue with the plan to attack the man.

“The victim raised an alarm which attracted nearby Police Patrol team to the scene. The hoodlums took to their heels upon sighting the advancing policemen. “One automatic pistol fell from one of the suspects and was recovered by the police and the victim was safely rescued.

“However, another male victim was unlucky as hoodlums attacked him and snatched the N500,000 cash he withdrew from ATMs on July
28. “Police responded to his distress call and one of the suspects was arrested. Efforts are on to apprehend other gang members


How Social Media is Shaping Small Business


Technological advancements have
caused small businesses to evolve and
adopt a plethora of new uses for
technology, and social media is on the
forefront of this transition. No matter
what way you look at it, social media
is quickly becoming an essential
element in the marketing campaigns
of businesses throughout the world.
This marketing tool is granting the
world of small business the ability to
create a worldwide following of
individuals are genuinely interested in
the products and services you offer,
and if utilized correctly, social media
can grant your business success–even
among the biggest names in the industry.

Studies have shown that a business
who uses social media is 34% more
likely to be trusted by young
individuals, and the population of
millennials is at an all-time high;
therefore, your business’s social media
presence can be the best way to show
the industry that you exist. With all of
this in mind, I wanted to outline a few
tactics your business should employ
when managing a successful social media campaign.

Find Your Niche
In today’s society, it is more difficult
to find someone who is not active on
social media than someone who is.
While this is great, it is important that
you pinpoint where exactly you industry is talking. With many social media platforms in the business world–each having its own pro’s and con’s.

However, it is important to analyze
your specific community and ensure
you are catering to their social media
preferences. After all, no one will want
to change the way they work – you
must come to them!

Look at Competitors! – Analyzing your
competitors’ social media presence can
give you a great jumping off point in
your campaign. You can see what
platforms they are using successfully,
and design a campaign around this.
Ask Your Customers! – If you are unsure
on how to go about finding your
customers’ preferred social media
platform(s), just ask them! People love
to talk about their social media accounts and this can be a great way to generate excitement behind your dive into social media.

Have Conversations
Clearly, the key to social media is using it – correctly. All too often we see
businesses throughout the world on
social media solely for the purpose of
spamming their follower’s news feeds
with advertisements and are ignoring
any of the warning signs that indicate
failure within their campaign. While
the occasional advertisement is
acceptable, the key to social media
success is contributing relevant
information to the community. Doing
this is a fantastic way to spark
conversations and gain authority
throughout your industry.

Keep it interesting! – Nobody wants to
read the same boring post over and
over again. Keep up to date with
industry news and share it with your
community! Have contests!

Ask questions!
Participate in Social Media Chats! :
Twitter chats can be a fantastic route
to brand awareness. More and more
industries are holding community
driven chats. Allowing you to put your
insight in front of a sea of new eyes and
become an authority within the industry.

Analyze You Campaign
To maximize the success of your
business’s social media campaign, it is
important to analyze the results of your efforts. This will allow you to view tactics that you employed that did (or didn’t) go well. This will allow you to adjust your campaign’s goal to unsure you are not wasting any efforts. Overall, as new technologies and ideas arise, the industry is destined to change. Therefore, you must change with it.

Use Twitter Analytics! – Twitter offers a
feature that allows a user to view their
best online engagements on a day-to-
day basis. This can ultimately show you
what part of your campaign is working
and what is not.

Stay Relevant!
Make sure your campaign stays relevant to customers’ needs. This will keep your community engaging with your business and among themselves.

Overall, in today’s world, there is
little-to-no reason why a business
should not be on social media, and if
used in the correct way, social media
will be a driving force behind the
well-being of you and your business.
Thank you for reading! Please feel free
to comment below with some ways you
utilize social media for your business!
I’d love to hear!


Free And Essential Marketing Tools To Ensure Any Affiliate Partners Success


Time and time again, it has been said that affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, the quickest and most efficient way of earning a living online.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  For starters, most affiliate programs do not require any enrollment fees.  There is no financial investment on the part of the affiliate.  Secondly, the affiliate is only tasked with pre-selling the affiliate merchants products.  The sales page, the payment processing, the digital delivery, and the post sales services shall be borne by the affiliate merchant.

These shouldnt mean that the affiliate should want in commitment, however.  As a matter of fact, an affiliates success wholly depends on how much commitment he could give the program, and how much effort he could invest to pursue such commitment. 

Sometimes, this requires some monetary expenses.  Getting a web host, for example, as well as a domain name, would necessitate some cash to be laid out.  Getting professionally made graphics to make his website attractive can also cost some dough, in the event that the affiliate cannot do this for himself.  PPC advertising can equally be just as costly, if not even more, if the affiliate would ever decide to utilize this option.

But not everything needs to come at a price.  There are vital tools that would help ensure the affiliates success, and they can be availed of for free.

Here are the top five tools under this category.  Knowing them would give you the edge you need.  Using them would give you the head start that would push your online enterprise to the next level.

WordPress.  WordPress is a movable-type blog.  It is a software program you could download and use to create your own blogs which you could upload in your own server.  You wont have to settle for the words blogspot or livejournal or xanga to be attached to your URL.  You could host your blog under its own domain name, or as another page in your main website.  Blogs are great marketing tools.  They get indexed quite quickly by the search engines, and often, the figure prominently well in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  They could also give your main website the backlinks it needs to boost its own page rank.  Additionally, a blog can be customized to become your main website.  The primary advantage of this approach is the convenience youll receive when it comes to publishing content.  Download the WordPress client for free from http://www.wordpress.com .

NVU Website Creator.  Macromedia Dreamweaver is too expensive?  Microsoft Front Page is too complicated?  Then the NVU Website Creator is the program for you.  This software program streamlines the website creation process through an interface that is easy to use, but powerful enough to make professional-looking web pages.  Download the client for free from http://www.nvu.com .

Backlink Builder.  If youre maintaining your own website, either as a review center for your affiliate programs products, or as an affiliate mall for the same, or even as a blog which promotes the aforementioned digital items, you will need to build a thorough list of backlinks to increase your page rank.  The higher your page rank is, the better chances it will have of appearing in the first few pages of search engine results.  Dont know where to start?  Use the free tool available at http://www.webconfs.com/backlink-builder.php to discover all the places where you could leave some links to your website.

Keyword Selector Tool.  Keywords are the primary ingredients of any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.  You will use them for your meta tags, your h1 tags, your ALT tags, your page title, and your content.  You will even use them for the articles you will submit to the many article directories in the World Wide Web.  The proper use of keywords would result in the more efficient documentation of your website so that the search engine spiders will have an easier time finding your web pages for any relevant query.  And since 80% of the traffic that you will be able to generate for your website would come from the search engines, keywords become the most essential aspects of your site building efforts.  Need to find the right keywords?  Go to http://www.nichebot.com and use their powerful tool to determine the profitability of the keywords related to the affiliate products you will be promoting.

Statcounter.  You will need to study your websites statistics so that youll know what youre doing wrong, as well as replicate what youre doing correctly. For this purpose, simply copy and paste the code that will be provided by http://www.statcounter.com to get in-depth reports about the performance of your website.

All of these tools would improve your performance as an affiliate.  And the fact that they all come without charge just makes the deal even sweeter.  Try them out.  Chances are, you will realize that the best things in life can be free after all.


Customs seal 4 major rice importing firms over N23.6billion debt


The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) on Tuesday sealed the warehouses and business premises of four major rice importing firms over N23.6 billion unpaid rice duty and levies.

The Public Relations Officer of NCS, Mr Wale Adeniyi, told a news conference in Lagos that the service would also not allow discharge of the companies’ imports in any of the nation’s ports.

The companies are Olam (Amuwo, Lagos), Stallion/Popular Foods/Masco Agro (Iganmu, Lagos) Ebony Agro (Wuse, Abuja) and Conti Agro (Victoria Island, Lagos).

Adeniyi said that altogether the companies had imported a combined excess of 750,253, 03 tonnes of rice, for which the service expected payment of extant duty and levies.

The customs spokesman said the service had written the affected companies severally to notify them of their duty liability at normal rate if they exceeded their quotas.

“Similarly, we published many notices in national newspapers, including where affected importers were mentioned with outstanding payments,” Adeniyi said.

He explained that the importers were the beneficiaries of 2014 Rice Import Quota Policy, which specified a preferential duty rate of 10 per cent and levy of 20 per cent for their imports.

“The importers and their sister or associated companies have been blocked from the Nigeria Integrated Customs Information System (NICIS), thus denying them access to make declarations.

“All these will be done preparatory to instituting full legal proceeding to compel them (importers) to pay what they owe Nigeria, when the courts are back from recess,” the customs spokesman said.

Adeniyi said the service had issued several ultimatum to the companies to pay the outstanding charges against them, adding that “today, we are no longer issuing ultimatum.”

NAN reports that the Rice Import Quota Policy was meant to fill a national sufficiency gap which needed to be met in line with quotas allotted to the beneficiaries.

NAN also reports that the beneficiaries were rice millers who have invested in the sector and created employment in the value chain.

The policy states that the quantity imported in excess of approved quotas will be subjected to the extant rate of 10 per cent duty and 60 per cent levy.


How To Make The Most Out Of Your Forum Marketing Campaign


Ask any online marketing veteran and hell tell you that the road to internet prominence is paved by a race to have the most number of back links possible.  With Google leading the way among the hundreds of search engines in the World Wide Web, link popularity, or the number of websites linking to your pages, has become a very important ingredient for good positioning in search engine results.  The number of back links your website would have will significantly affect your websites page rank (PR).  The higher you websites PR is, the higher it will place in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Using this known formula, online businessmen have tried to move heaven and earth to ensure the most number of back links possible.  Article marketing was developed to boost such a number.  Triangular linking was conceived to go around the prohibition against reciprocal linking.  Ezine ads and links to high PR sites have been bought to deliver some much needed back links.

One of the most potent marketing strategies of this nature is forum marketing, or, the proper usage of online communities for the promotion of your website.  Please take note.  The operative word in the definition above is proper.  Yes, people do tend to abuse forum marketing, and as a result, the tactic backfires on them.  So it is very important to know the exact measures that should be taken so that youd be able to make the most out of your forum marketing campaign.

Here are some pointers.

To find targeted users, as well as to lead the search engine spiders to your website, you will have to find a forum that is dedicated to the subject that your website is servicing.  To find such a forum, use the free tool at http://www.link-advantage.com/search .

Remember to make good use of the signature box that you will have once your account is created.  You could include a direct link to your website in your signature box.  Some forums even allow you up to five links, so this will be great if youre promoting just as many websites.

Do not advertise your links in your posts.  Let us repeat that for emphasis  DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR LINKS IN YOUR POSTS  sorry for the caps lock, but this point is very, very important.  Forum members would chastise you if you will do some self-promotion.  They will find that very inappropriate, more so if you will be advertising affiliate links.

The best approach is to post significant replies in meaningful threads.  Let your words do the talking, and let them judge your business through the wit and wisdom you could share.  Your signature box will appear in every post you will publish, anyway.  The trick is in publishing as many substantial posts as you can.

Be friendly.  Build relationships.  Such would go a long, long way in building your brand.  This is a very welcome addition the benefit of being able to earn some back links courtesy of your posts and your signature box.  You could win customers, or even joint venture partners, by just being nice and helpful.

Learn from your co-members.  Keep an open eye about what they need and what they want.  Let this aid you in your market study.  Pinpointing a necessity or a luxury, after all, is key in coming up with a highly sellable product and an efficient web design.

Forum marketing is one of the most powerful internet marketing tactics in existence today  if it will be implemented correctly.  Keep in mind the things we have discussed above, and for certain, youll be able to reap a lot of benefits from this technique.


Biggest Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing And How To Avoid Them


Though anyone can achieve success with affiliate programs, not everyone manages to do the same.  The reason?  Well, there are 10 of them, actually.  These are the biggest mistakes that make success in affiliate marketing very elusive.  Study them well, and read up on how to avoid them.  Hurdling through these mistakes can spell the difference between monumental profits and dismal performance in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Believing that people would just click on their affiliate links.  Though an affiliates job is merely limited to pre-selling, pre-selling involves more than just displaying the affiliate links.  It also entails encouraging people to click on them by enumerating the benefits that can be derived from the affiliate merchants products, giving favorable recommendations about the use of the same, and providing an encouraging offer that would entice readers to check out the package.

Believing that theres such a thing as organic traffic.  Organic traffic, or traffic that is naturally generated by a website, is a myth.  There is no such thing!  If youre hosting your affiliate links in one website, you cant expect people to find it just like that.  You have to make them find it.  This can be done through effective SEO techniques and efficient marketing strategies.

Believing that employing one marketing strategy is enough.  Some people actually think that submitting one article to the article directories would give them the amount of traffic they need.  This is a fatal mistake.  Limiting yourself to a single, or even a couple, of marketing tactics would be limiting the number of visitors you could generate for your website.  Also, youll fail to tap into other segments of your targeted market if your tactics arent flexible enough to expand.

Failing to study your campaigns performance.  Most affiliates merely check on how much they have earned per day, and if such an amount remains at low levels, they fail to make corresponding adjustments because, well, they dont know which aspects of their campaigns need improving.  It is important to study every facet of our marketing strategies.  How many visitors are we generating for our website?  How many of them are unique?  How many are returning?  How much time do they spend in our pages?  Where are they coming from?  To where are they exiting?  These are the questions that can be answered by an excellent visitor tracking software program, and these are the questions that could help us improve the performance of our marketing endeavors.

Failing to find an affiliate program which actually offers sellable products.  Some affiliate programs may offer as much as a 95% commission per sale.  But if the products are impossible to sell, youd never realize the profit the program promises.

Failing to find an affiliate program with a proven record of consumer satisfaction.  The credibility of an enterprise depends on how people view it.  If the affiliate program has established great relationships with the members of its target market, then it has established a brand which is recognizable for its excellent service.  Youd have an easier time pre-selling such an affiliate programs products.

Failing to keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry.  There will come a time when the marketing knowledge we know would become obsolete, more so in the field of internet marketing where everything transpires at a rapid pace.  You have to constantly update yourself with the newest trends, techniques and news in this field to always keep your competitive edge.

Failing to invest on knowledge.  Knowledge likewise evolves and you have to evolve with it.  Buy noteworthy eBooks, special reports and the likes those which would teach you the latest tactics to help you conquer your field.

Resting on your laurels once a semblance of success is achieved.  Success is not eternal.  You have to sustain it.  If you leave your business alone once it shows the promise of success, youre just setting it up for failure.

Believing that affiliate marketing is a get rich quick scheme.  It is not.  You have to invest a certain level of commitment, a lot of time, some financial resources on occasions, and a whole lot of effort if you want to truly realize the many wonderful things that this field does promise.