How To Make The Most Out Of Your Forum Marketing Campaign


Ask any online marketing veteran and hell tell you that the road to internet prominence is paved by a race to have the most number of back links possible.  With Google leading the way among the hundreds of search engines in the World Wide Web, link popularity, or the number of websites linking to your pages, has become a very important ingredient for good positioning in search engine results.  The number of back links your website would have will significantly affect your websites page rank (PR).  The higher you websites PR is, the higher it will place in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Using this known formula, online businessmen have tried to move heaven and earth to ensure the most number of back links possible.  Article marketing was developed to boost such a number.  Triangular linking was conceived to go around the prohibition against reciprocal linking.  Ezine ads and links to high PR sites have been bought to deliver some much needed back links.

One of the most potent marketing strategies of this nature is forum marketing, or, the proper usage of online communities for the promotion of your website.  Please take note.  The operative word in the definition above is proper.  Yes, people do tend to abuse forum marketing, and as a result, the tactic backfires on them.  So it is very important to know the exact measures that should be taken so that youd be able to make the most out of your forum marketing campaign.

Here are some pointers.

To find targeted users, as well as to lead the search engine spiders to your website, you will have to find a forum that is dedicated to the subject that your website is servicing.  To find such a forum, use the free tool at .

Remember to make good use of the signature box that you will have once your account is created.  You could include a direct link to your website in your signature box.  Some forums even allow you up to five links, so this will be great if youre promoting just as many websites.

Do not advertise your links in your posts.  Let us repeat that for emphasis  DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR LINKS IN YOUR POSTS  sorry for the caps lock, but this point is very, very important.  Forum members would chastise you if you will do some self-promotion.  They will find that very inappropriate, more so if you will be advertising affiliate links.

The best approach is to post significant replies in meaningful threads.  Let your words do the talking, and let them judge your business through the wit and wisdom you could share.  Your signature box will appear in every post you will publish, anyway.  The trick is in publishing as many substantial posts as you can.

Be friendly.  Build relationships.  Such would go a long, long way in building your brand.  This is a very welcome addition the benefit of being able to earn some back links courtesy of your posts and your signature box.  You could win customers, or even joint venture partners, by just being nice and helpful.

Learn from your co-members.  Keep an open eye about what they need and what they want.  Let this aid you in your market study.  Pinpointing a necessity or a luxury, after all, is key in coming up with a highly sellable product and an efficient web design.

Forum marketing is one of the most powerful internet marketing tactics in existence today  if it will be implemented correctly.  Keep in mind the things we have discussed above, and for certain, youll be able to reap a lot of benefits from this technique.



Packaging Tactics That Sell


Online selling strategies have evolved throughout the years.  The internet, after all, is already in its second decade.  People have smartened up on some selling tactics that, because of overuse, have become passé. 

There is a need to come up with new marketing techniques to provide a boost for any online enterprise.  Internet marketers have experimented with a lot of novel approaches.  Though most of these have failed, some yielded more than positive results.  Indeed, a number of packaging tactics have been developed that have caused tremendous leaps in sales rates across the board.

What are these packaging tactics and how will you be able to employ them for your own online business?  Read on, dear friend, as we discuss some amazing sales strategies that are sure to reap fantastic dividends.

Onetime Offer

So you have a mailing list, and a big one at that.  But how is your conversion rate?  Onetime offers can immediately jack up your conversion rate by as much as 800% at the average.

Heres the deal.  Your subscribers have most probably gotten immune with your sales messages.  Indeed, you may be getting some yes customers from time to time, but the number of no respondents far outnumber them.  Onetime offers can help you change the mind of your no customers, but more importantly, they could help you bag the previously untapped members of your mailing list the maybe tomorrow prospects.

A onetime offer is an offer for an amazing value-loaded package for a limited time, with a warning that such an offer will NEVER happen again.  For example, youre selling a product for $47, normally.  Create a onetime offer that will cut the price in half, and support the same with a plethora of bonuses.  Offer this for one month. 

This would create a sense of panic on anyone who would get to know about your offer.  The result?  A mad rush to purchase the same!

In some circles, a onetime offer is also called a Fire Sale, alluding to the sheer bargain and urgency involved with the package.

Time Sensitive Offers

Time sensitive offers are very similar to onetime offers.  Time sensitive offers make use of some tools to include a timer on your sales page, with a warning that once the displayed time would run out, the readers wont be able to purchase the package ever again.

Again, the result is mass hysteria leading to a spike in your sales rate.  Imagine your sales page displaying the words xx:xx before this offer closes forever! with xx:xx representing the amount of time remaining.  The tools that can be used for time sensitive offers actually display the remaining period in real time, meaning, a virtual clock would appear on your page, and your visitors would get to see the seconds pass by.

If you dont have the resources to invest on these tools, you could always do things the old fashioned way.  You could specify an exact date as well as an exact time when the deal would expire.  It would be great if youd constantly update your sales page per day to indicate the number of days or hours remaining before your offer close its doors.

Proper Usage of Bonuses

This is pretty basic but some online marketers have failed to make the most out of including bonuses for their products.  Including bonuses doesnt only entail offering a slew of other products for free.  If you take this simple approach, you will just deteriorate the value of your bonuses.

Its all about the perceived value of the package as a whole.  You have to make your readers know that your package, not just your main product, is truly valuable and very much worth their hard earned money,

To do this, you have to include the real value of each and every one of your bonuses.  If bonus A is worth $50, then state that fact.  If bonus B is worth $20, state that fact as well.  The total value of all your bonuses combined should likewise be stated.  This would give your readers the impression of how much theyd be getting all the products if they were to purchase them individually.  And since your offer will be charging them for your main product alone, theyd have a clearer perspective about how valuable your package really is.


Where to Find Business Internet Services


There are many people out there on the internet that have started their own internet business.  This could be a business that provides anything from knowledge about World War II to a T-Shirt making business in someones basement.  However, the key thing that all of these online business need is business internet services.  You cannot simply expect an internet connection to come out of nowhere.  You need to have business internet services in order to get the speed and bandwidth that you need in order to get online and stay online.

The first thing that you can do to find business internet services is to ask other business owners what they use.  This is a better question to ask in your local area as they will have had the same options as you. Other owners would be good to ask, but they may have a different service that is not available in your area.  Also, if you are a super small business you might want to consider still using a residential service.  While this might sound strange to many, it is often a way to save money, and small businesses need to do everything that they can to save some cash.

Now that you have found out what everyone else is using, you need to go directly to the companies and talk with them.  Some companies may be trying to bring in many more new accounts and may try to give you the best deal possible.  Other companies simply may want to have you as a new account, but not badly enough to the point where they will make it well worth your while.  Try to get the best deal in both price and service.  The more you get out of the deal, the more likely you should stick with this company in the future.  A good company knows how to treat its customers with respect and honor.  The more that you do to show them that you deserve it, the more they are going to try to do it.

However, if you are not able to find business internet services in a price range that you can afford think about getting them through residential services.  While you may not be treated quite as well as a business customer, you still will get support.  You also will get the service that you need, something that is the most important.  Do not discount the idea of going with a residential service, most of the time you are missing next to nothing.  The more you know before hand, the better off you can be.  Do not fear to ask questions of fellow internet business owners.  Most are very nice and will work with you as long as you ask.  Hopefully with the right business internet services you can grow your business to new heights.  Who knows how well you can do with just a little bit of effort, and an attitude that you can make the best deal for you and your businesses business internet services. 


How to Be an Entrepreneur and a Parent


One of the most challenging aspects of life is achieving the right work/life balance. This goes double for today’s world where many people don’t know how to properly handle various commitments and everyday stressors.
Entrepreneurs who are also parents can feel the brunt of failing to achieve the right work/life balance particularly hard.
On the one hand, they’re highly enthusiastic and passionate about their work and business, yet, on the other hand, they want to spend enough time with their kids and families, too! Getting it just right between the two commitments has been a problem for many generations.
We salute hard-working entrepreneurs making a success of themselves in our Economy while also trying to balance family life.
That’s why we’ve compiled this ultra-handy list of how entrepreneurs can also make time for their kids.

Commit to One Thing at a Time Since being an entrepreneur and a parent are
equally important, you want to devote enough time, passion and energy to each equally well. This means that, when you decide to spend time
with your kids for some good, old quality time, you really have to spend time with them! For far too many entrepreneurs, it’s extremely tempting to whip out that smartphone or tablet and research or read when they’re spending time with their kids. For instance, how many parents have done just that when their kids are playing at the park or in the sandbox? Far too many. You don’t want your work time cutting into your quality time with your kids because your kids will pick up on how you’re demoting them in terms of importance. And you don’t want friction with your kids, if it’s entirely avoidable. If you absolutely have to check email or quickly take a phone call, make it a point to limit the time away from your kids for only a couple of minutes. Otherwise, work starts to cut into family time, which creates an imbalance in the work/life balance.

Don’t Feel Pressured to Do Something With Your Kids All the Time
Some young parents, just getting into the swing of parenthood, frequently make the mistake of thinking that they have to entertain their kids all the time. They mistakenly believe that free time for kids should be quality time with mom or dad, but that should be reconsidered.
Even if your kids have the day off from school, for example, it’s perfectly fine not to entertain them the whole day. You’d be surprised just how comfortable and happy they are to spend some time by themselves in their own room,
surrounded by their toys, familiar surroundings and games and activities they can use to entertain…themselves!
Besides, you don’t want your kids getting too dependent on you or too inseparable from you, even at a young age. So if they do have a day off from school, explore other options that can include setting up play dates with their friends or just having them do something in their room by themselves for a few hours.

Understand That You Can Give Your Kids A Lot More Than Just Financial Things
According to Anna Beth Benningfield, a Dallas psychologist and business consultant, some entrepreneurs can go overboard by spoiling their kids by giving them too many material things. It’s an all too common trap to fall into, and Benningfield says that that’s particularly the case if entrepreneurs come from a low-income background. Psychologically speaking, they just want to overcompensate for what theythemselves didn’t have growing up as kids. Nonetheless, such a simplistic way of approaching parenting should be kept to a minimum because there are many more important things to give your kids other than just material things. Your kids can learn so much more from you as a parent when you teach them values and qualities that they can use the rest of their lives and will make them stronger people. For instance, this includes helping your kids learn to work smart and hard, teaching them to save for something they really desire, and getting them to see that making sacrifices in the short term can help ensure longer term success.

Entrepreneurship and Parenthood: Not Diametrically Opposed to Each Other
Being an entrepreneur and a parent is completely possible, and you can even excel at both equally well. With all of the progress in productivity and knowledge in today’s world, achieving the right work/life balance is not just a pipe dream. Set your mind to being a great entrepreneur and a great parent, and you’ll see satisfying results in both goals. Of course, it’s going to take commitment on your part, but as an entrepreneur, you already know much of what there is to know about setting goals, seeing things through and executing well. You have your whole business background to fall back on…so use the skills you’ve cultivated there to also become a standout parent! It’s very much within reach.

by Infodynamics

Which is the Most Important Social Network for Freelancers?


Freelancers would know that being relevant within their particular industries is crucial in reaching business success. Apart from being present and active on social media, you have to make sure that you are actually chosen the right ones. There are a plethora of digital channels for freelancers to promote themselves and connect with others, but from a freelance perspective, not all of them are created equally. Some prove to be more beneficial to the freelance lifestyle than others.

This article proposes that there is one social channel that may be the most
significant place for freelancers to build their brand and network online. LinkedIn is Taking the Lead In a recent article by Techcrunch it is reported that: “LinkedIn has actually beaten earnings expectations in every quarter since it went public in May, 2011”.
This piece further explains the exponential and consistent growth of LinkedIn in relation to the other networks. It’s the ideal platform to connect and network with industry professionals. “During the quarter, we maintained steady growth in member engagement while achieving strong financial results”, said Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn. For freelancers who are based remotely, being able to connect on an online platform is crucial.

Many freelancers might not be able to attend live networking events, but luckily LinkedIn can be viewed as the ideal platform for online networking.
Your Experience is Credible As a freelancer, you constantly have to show
your prospective clients that you are a legitimate professional within your field. Since they don’t have the luxury of meeting you face to face, your portfolio and work experience has to do the talking for you. This is where LinkedIn comes in. Your entire work history is listed on this platform, showcasing your background, academics, community involvement and clips of your freelance profession. This is one of the most credible sources to showcase your experience. Make Use of LinkedIn Pulse
LinkedIn Publisher or LinkedIn Pulse is one of LinkedIn’s latest developments. Now, instead of just sharing updates and content, you are able to publish a blog article on the LinkedIn Newsfeed.
As a freelancer, you might not always have the time to run your personal blog or create guest posts. LinkedIn Pulse allows you to stay current and relevant while sharing your expertise with your following. These posts will increase your traffic and attract even more people to your profile. This is the ideal promotion for freelancers, especially freelance writers and creatives.

Create a Personal Brand
Your LinkedIn Profile is the ultimate promotional tool . LinkedIn also upgraded in such a way that you can add visuals and clips to your profile.
LinkedIn acts as your online resume where you can share your personal and business identity. Unlike employed professionals, freelancers cannot rely on the reputation of a company to gain exposure. As a freelancer, it’s important to establish your own brand, create your own vision and showcase your personality. LinkedIn allows you to share your personal brand, not only through your profile and resume, but by joining discussion forums and groups where you can share your opinions and perspectives.

Find the Right Freelance Jobs Since LinkedIn is a business network, you will be able to connect with the right individuals within your industry. Instead of spending hours back and forth on Twitter or Facebook, prospective clients will be able to view your profile and achievements before they decide to contact you. LinkedIn also lists job opportunities within any sector. If you follow Company Pages you will also be in the loop when these companies might be hiring a freelancer for their latest projects. By Fiverr

Do you agree that LinkedIn is the most important place for freelancers to network online? Or has another network like Facebook or Twitter helped you build your business? Discuss in the comments!


Five good tips of being more promotable

Five good tips of being more promotable

Five good tips of being more promotable





There are a lot of things that you can do to make yourself look good in front of the boss. You will want to make sure that you keep in mind all the things that you would like to do for the company and how you will be able to make it through the other side of the new, up coming promotion. There is a lot that you can do for yourself and to make yourself look better. You will want to keep the following seven tips in mind when trying to go for any promotion.

First, you will want to make sure that you work as hard as you possibly can. You will also want to make sure that you try to do the overtime, come in early, stay late, take on more work, and do everything you can to keep your name on every part of the company. You will find that there is a lot of things that you will have to give up to get the promotion through hard work and dedication. This is very important when it comes to getting a promotion.

Secondly, you will not only need to put in the time and hard work, but you will need to adjust the way that you approach these tasks. You can’t just rub the fact that you are really putting in the time in the face of those who are unable to spend the time at work because of their family. You need to be honest, kind, and considerate of others.

Thirdly, honesty comes in handy. You will need to work hard, but you have to be honest with those who you work with and you also need to be honest with those who are your support team. Your boss will notice that your sincerity is true when you learn now to put on an act, but that you show that you are comfortable and honest with those who you deal with at work and away from work.

The fourth tip that you will need to keep in mind when going for a promotion is that you need to have a good support system. Talk to your family and friends and ask them how you can put in more time at work, but also not make them feel neglected. It is very important that you learn what it takes to have the backup and support standing behind in every step to the top.

Finally, the fifth tip to help you out will be the fact that you are going to have to set your priorities. You are going to have to end up deciding what is important to you. It is very important that you decide what you will need to do to when forced to choose between your job and your work ethics. The boss will be proud of the fact that you stood up for what you believed in.

It is very important that you learn what it takes to get the promotion; however, you will need to consider all the things that you will have to face to get the promotion and how you will over come such obstacles. It is very important that you do everything with confidence too.

Confidence is the one true way that you will be able to sell yourself and be able to get the attention that you’ll need to get the promotion. The boss will make your nervous, however, you will need to learn how you can do everything you can to leave the gitters behind and begin a good, solid career while showing off your confident side.