How To Create Your Own BBM Channel


Its time to go flexible and smart,
Blackberry are really doing great to keep
Blackberry messenger more interesting and flexible, The New BBM versions has
introduce a new feature called Channel .If it is not in your BBM channel, upgrade now. (It is no more hanging your phone. The hanging problem has been fixed)

Channel now gives you an avenue to share a post and get people like and comment on it, just like a blog or facebook. Below are steps of how to create your own BBM Channel
Click on the channel icon, on you BBM,

1)If its your first time of clicking on it, it will prompt you to add your age etc,

2)click on create new channel

3)put any name you want it be,

4)set up the profile information, and start inviting your bbm friends to join channel.

5) if you are using PC to read this post scan bar code below to join Infodynamix channel now. or
click HERE


Thanks for subscribing to our channel



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