Escaping Sex As a Bachelor/Spinster


Presently, there’s something happening around my vicinity. There is a young girl (i learn her mother is late) brought from the village to Lagos by her aunt. She had settled with her aunt’s family and had being living with them for some years now, and they were sending her to school.

Before now, I use to think her aunt was her mum. But few days ago, they couldn’t find her. Then it was later discovered that she’ve being with a boy in his house. Now that she’s back home, her aunt is determined to send her back to the village. Her education is at stake (she should be in S.S.S 2 next term), and so many other things.

‘Absurd’ characters are often displayed by young teens (male and female) every now and then. You know, they are just finding those passions, and are just bent on experimenting with them, irrespective of what may. Let me tell you my case.

I remembered when I newly stepped into puberty phrase. We were done with our Junior W.A.E.C, and while others goes to school, the J.S.S 3 students stay at home. I remembered how glad i was when i discovered I can now have a ‘different’ Attention. I remembered when i discovered my joystick can now bring out sperm. I was delighted when i saw the sperms coming out whenever i’m touching my joystick (while looking at half-Unclad women or their private parts, in books or newspapers).

Then i think i begin seeing girls as i haven’t being doing before. I’m now very aware that by touching their bodies (especially their breasts) it will bring pleasure to me. I want to put the things i hear about sex into practice. And there was a girl, a tenant in our house.

I think she was also a J.S.S 3 student. Thus, when everyone had gone to school, we were at home. And i was imagining doing it with her. She also was just approaching the phrase, and from her gestures, it seem she also want to experiment with her passions.

But do you know one basic thing that didn’t let me and her be able to have sex? BOLDNESS. I Thank GOD i didn’t have the boldness to tell her that. I didn’t even know how to tell her. When my mum (she’s now late) ask her to call me (my mum’s shop is beside our house) and she’s inside our house, I will want us to utilize that chance, but Boldness. And till we begin going back to school, i never have the boldness to ask
her for it.



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