The new JAMB policy and the rest of us


The protests and the Federal Government’s reversal order that greeted the new JAMB admission policy reminds one of the philosophical throwing away of the baby with the
bath water. The Nigerian mentality has been that of not finding out the true and full details of issues before we become judgmental in our reactions.

The high point of this mentality is the latest desire by most of our people dashing straight to the Courts to iron out issues that in most cases are frivolous to the Courts. The desire to approach the Courts to settle some matters is not a bad move, but once trivial issues that need proper understanding are now considered for court action, it shows how shallow the understanding of many could be in handling some knotty situations.

Nigerians should be reminded of the fact that JAMB has always been in the fore front of bringing new innovations. The new admission policy no doubt will be in the benefit of most candidates seeking admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. However from the look of
things, it is either that some forces are out to discredit the good works of JAMB or that most protesters are misinformed as to the real intents of the new policy.

The odd side of the protests so far has to do with the call by most protesters for the removal of the Registrar. The protesters needs to understand that decisions reached by JAMB are not the sole idea of an individual but that of the Board of JAMB. As noted earlier, those candidates and parents that have approached the Court seeking to restrain the admission body from carrying out this new policy also belongs to the misinformed section.

Therefore, calling for the head of the JAMB Registrar is out of place. The misinformed protesters should be aware that it is still under same Registrar that the admission body witnessed a massive turn around. Let us not embark on acts of calumny against aperforming
Registrar. Grievances should be directed to proper quarters using the appropriate and available medium.

The announcement from the Federal Government angle reversing the policy adopted by JAMB is more or less of complicating matters and drawing back the needed change in the education sector. On one hand, it shows that the FG seem not to be aware of the case in court and reversal of the new policy being challenged in court is more or less of prejudice. On the other hand, rather than helping prospective candidates, the reversal will no doubt increase the numbers of candidates that will be
technically denied of admission.

It will be best option for the FG to study the new admission policy by JAMB and do the right thing that will ease the stress of candidates seeking admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

In the light of all happenings surrounding the new JAMB admission policy, stakeholders should see the move as one of the steps needed to be activated towards revamping the education sector in terms of clearing a backlog of qualified admission seekers. The earlier the better we buy into this noble idea as a nation that desires
growth and development in all sectors.



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