How Social Media is Shaping Small Business


Technological advancements have
caused small businesses to evolve and
adopt a plethora of new uses for
technology, and social media is on the
forefront of this transition. No matter
what way you look at it, social media
is quickly becoming an essential
element in the marketing campaigns
of businesses throughout the world.
This marketing tool is granting the
world of small business the ability to
create a worldwide following of
individuals are genuinely interested in
the products and services you offer,
and if utilized correctly, social media
can grant your business success–even
among the biggest names in the industry.

Studies have shown that a business
who uses social media is 34% more
likely to be trusted by young
individuals, and the population of
millennials is at an all-time high;
therefore, your business’s social media
presence can be the best way to show
the industry that you exist. With all of
this in mind, I wanted to outline a few
tactics your business should employ
when managing a successful social media campaign.

Find Your Niche
In today’s society, it is more difficult
to find someone who is not active on
social media than someone who is.
While this is great, it is important that
you pinpoint where exactly you industry is talking. With many social media platforms in the business world–each having its own pro’s and con’s.

However, it is important to analyze
your specific community and ensure
you are catering to their social media
preferences. After all, no one will want
to change the way they work – you
must come to them!

Look at Competitors! – Analyzing your
competitors’ social media presence can
give you a great jumping off point in
your campaign. You can see what
platforms they are using successfully,
and design a campaign around this.
Ask Your Customers! – If you are unsure
on how to go about finding your
customers’ preferred social media
platform(s), just ask them! People love
to talk about their social media accounts and this can be a great way to generate excitement behind your dive into social media.

Have Conversations
Clearly, the key to social media is using it – correctly. All too often we see
businesses throughout the world on
social media solely for the purpose of
spamming their follower’s news feeds
with advertisements and are ignoring
any of the warning signs that indicate
failure within their campaign. While
the occasional advertisement is
acceptable, the key to social media
success is contributing relevant
information to the community. Doing
this is a fantastic way to spark
conversations and gain authority
throughout your industry.

Keep it interesting! – Nobody wants to
read the same boring post over and
over again. Keep up to date with
industry news and share it with your
community! Have contests!

Ask questions!
Participate in Social Media Chats! :
Twitter chats can be a fantastic route
to brand awareness. More and more
industries are holding community
driven chats. Allowing you to put your
insight in front of a sea of new eyes and
become an authority within the industry.

Analyze You Campaign
To maximize the success of your
business’s social media campaign, it is
important to analyze the results of your efforts. This will allow you to view tactics that you employed that did (or didn’t) go well. This will allow you to adjust your campaign’s goal to unsure you are not wasting any efforts. Overall, as new technologies and ideas arise, the industry is destined to change. Therefore, you must change with it.

Use Twitter Analytics! – Twitter offers a
feature that allows a user to view their
best online engagements on a day-to-
day basis. This can ultimately show you
what part of your campaign is working
and what is not.

Stay Relevant!
Make sure your campaign stays relevant to customers’ needs. This will keep your community engaging with your business and among themselves.

Overall, in today’s world, there is
little-to-no reason why a business
should not be on social media, and if
used in the correct way, social media
will be a driving force behind the
well-being of you and your business.
Thank you for reading! Please feel free
to comment below with some ways you
utilize social media for your business!
I’d love to hear!



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