Defeating Arsenal is nothing special – Mourinho

With the new English Premier League season about to kick start with the Community Shield game between League champions Chelsea and F.A Cup winners Arsenal, Blues boss Jose Mourinho has again stroked the flames of rivalry between the two London clubs by claiming that there is nothing special in beating Arsenal.

Asked if he takes pride in his record against Wenger, Mourinho replied: ”No. It doesn’t matter, Arsenal, the manager, whoever. “Who knows?” he said when questioned on Wenger’s ability to win. “I’ve never made a special thing about wins over Arsenal. I don’t explode with happiness when I beat them, and I won’t make drama when I lose.” Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have a long history of rivalry dating back to the Portuguese’s first stint in charge of Chelsea and only 18 months ago, Mourinho described Wenger as “a specialist in failure” Both have met 13 times with the Frenchman yet to record a victory over Mourinho

“I think I would ask myself: Why?” Mourinho said, when asked how he would react if the boot were on the other foot. “I would try to answer, not because of a mental block but because I would want to try to find solutions to help my team to do it – try to find a different way, try to find the reasons why it goes all the time against my team.”

Mourinho however, was keen to play down the importance of the community shield. He described the Community Shield as being somewhere between a pre-season friendly and a Premier League fixture and he cautioned against
it being treated as a portent for the season. “Arsenal won the community shield against the champions Manchester City and they finished
third,” he said. “I don’t think it has a relation to the rest of the season.”

Jose Mourinho also confirmed that defender Gary Cahill and Striker Diego Costa would be available for selection for Sunday’s game at Wembley.’



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