A Leader Or A Boss – Which One Are You?


There are leaders and there are bosses, and the world will always have both around. The question to ask is; which one are you or which one are you aspiring to become? There is something similar between a leader and a boss– the way you approach being in charge.
Whether you are at the helm of affairs of a public institution, a private corporation or an NGO, the way you approach being in charge is a great factor in the organizations achievement. Your attitude, and relationship with other group members will determine whether the organization will succeed or fail.

What then are the differences between a leader and a boss? The under listed points explain the differences;

  1. A leader has followers, a boss has servants
  2. A leader explain situations, a boss dictates orders

  3. A leader listens to his followers and takes fair and just judgement, a boss gives orders which must be obeyed willy-nilly.

  4. A leader works in harmony with his followers, a boss drives his servants to work

  5. A leader shows concern and interest in his followers, a boss cares less about anybody’s burden.

  6. A leader is humane and sensitive, a boss resistant to emotions.

  7. A leader achieves much through the
    cooperation of his followers, a boss has no cooperation, there is always antagonism achieved.

  8. While a leader makes a success of any project he has at hand, the boss is likely to end up in an unsuccessful way.

  9. A leader is open to correction, a boss claims to know it all.

10.A leader says lets go, a boss says go.
Taking a careful look at the aforementioned, it is not hard to see that we already have plenty of bosses in our places of work. The world however awaits the emergence of leaders today.



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