The hottest jobs of the Century


CareerBuilder recently released a new “hot jobs” list — industries projected to grow at least 15% from 2014 to 2019. Not surprisingly, health and tech jobs are well represented (home health- care services will add the most jobs by 2019
according to the list: 332,783).

1. Continuing care retirement communities
Projected job growth: 21% (93,738 added jobs)

Continuing care facilities employ people with a wide variety of skills and talents and there are plenty of part-time options.
For example, I did a quick search on and found listings for part-time jobs there as maintenance coordinators, activities assistants,
health education specialists, dining room servers, sales associates, receptionists and health care workers.

2. Translation and interpretation services
Projected job growth: 36% (12,401 added jobs)

Interpreters often work from home (or on the road) so this can be a portable and flexible way to earn extra retirement income. Translators typically start out earning about $20 an hour, but income potential varies widely depending on your expertise and specialty.

3. Marketing consulting services
Projected job growth: 21% (55,142 added jobs)

Marketing consultants provide advice to
businesses on everything from product
development and pricing to franchising planning to market forecasting. Not surprisingly, demand
for this type of advice fell during the recession, but it’s heating up now that the economy is back in growth mode.

4. Exam preparation and tutoring
Projected job growth: 17% (19,380 added jobs)

Rates for tutors vary tremendously, starting at $10 an hour for online tutors up to $250 an hour or more for college-prep tutors in expensive cities. Although having a background in teaching isn’t essential, it’s certainly a plus. People with strong math and science skills are in especially high demand.

5. Pet care services (except veterinary)
Projected job growth: 16% (14,636 added jobs)

Many non-veterinary pet care jobs, like
being a dog sitter, are relatively low paying, there are more ways to profit from your love of animals — from opening a mobile dog grooming
business to offering equine massages.



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