Things you’ll never regret doing to your woman


*Ignoring her

Sometimes your wife will have a bad
day and she will say things she
doesn’t really mean. When those days
come, do your best to ignore the
hurtful things she might say and try to
love her anyway. It is never OK for a
wife or husband to say hurtful things
to one another, but we are all human
and make mistakes. So if those
occasions ever come in your marriage,
please do your best to ignore them
and stay focused on the love you feel
and the words that are said when the
days aren’t so sullen. If you can
forgive and forget, your marriage will
be stronger for it.

*Kidnapping her

Make sure you kidnap your wife often.
Get a babysitter and take her out on
dates, away from the children, where
just the two of you can be together.
Dating your wife is another one of
those important things that help to
strengthen your marriage. Life
changes daily and dating helps you to
get reacquainted with one another
after a long week of absence. Make it
a priority – you’ll be glad you did.

*Teasing her

Admit it; when you were a boy, you
always teased the girl you liked.
Make sure that you bring that
playful spirit into your marriage.
One definition of teasing is to
arouse desire. Make sure that you
are teasing your wife in a loving
way that will arouse her desire to
want you, to be with you and to
love you. Make her smile with your
playful teasing and you will be
smiling too.

*Challenging her

When challenging someone,
generally you believe that you are
the best you possibly can be at the
skills required to win. These
qualities will also work in your
marriage, but in a slightly different
way. Be the kind of husband that
challenges your wife to be better
than she is because she sees you
striving to be your best self too.
When your wife sees you striving to
be a good person through the
things you say and do, she will want
to be a better person too. Your
marriage will be strengthened as
you strive for greatness together.

*Holding her captive

Holding your wife captive is one of
the most important things you can
do to keep your marriage together.
Devote yourself to your wife and
her needs in such a way that she
will never have a desire to leave
you or your marriage. Be attentive
to her, listen to her, communicate
with her. Let her know that you are,
and always will be there for her
when she needs you. Don’t give her
reason to run to someone else for
her problems or her comfort. If you
focus on her, it helps her to focus
on you, and neither of you will want
to leave because you’ll both be
taking care of each other.

*Laughing at her

Sometimes women can take life, and
themselves, a little too seriously. Help
your wife to see the lighter side of
things. Help her to laugh at herself
and at the difficulties that may come.
Humor is a great way to face the
difficulties of life together. Help her
feel happy and you will find happiness,

*Harassing her

One definition of harassment is to
“torment, as with troubles or cares.”
Make sure that you are going to your
wife with your troubles, with the
things that you care about, with your
hopes and your desires. Make sure
she is your best friend and confidant
and the first person you go to for
advice. She is there to help carry your
burdens, even if they are difficult for
her to hear. Let her be there for you,
just like you are there for her, and you
will always have someone to lean on.



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