The Difference Between Margarine and Butter

Main Differences Between Butter & Margarine



1. How Butter & Margarine Are Made
Butter is made from cream which rises to the top of milk if it sits for a period of time. The process involves churning the cream, a chemical reaction takes place which makes the cream begin to solidify. It is not as simple as this but I do not want to bring in all the jibber jabber that are actually useless to you.

Margarine on the other hand is made from solidification of vegetable oil in the presence of a catalyst through a process called hydrogenation.

The solidifying process begins when hydrogen is bubbled through the vegetable oil (liquid) at a high temperature and in the presence of a
catalyst to solidify it.



2. The Price of Margarine and Butter
Butter are costlier than margarine. If you see butter and margarine of comparable quantity having the same price tag, please check very well as the butter might not be butter. Using taste as a factor might prove unproductive
because the difference between butter and margarine can be very subtle, depending on manufacturers.

3. The shelf-life of Butter and Margarine
Butter and margarine have different shelf lives. Butter must be kept refrigerated in order to remain fresh for several days. Margarine should be refrigerated to maintain its solid form
between uses, but it can remain stable much longer than butter.

Colour could also be a determinant as
margarines are generally more yellow than butter.

The summary of all these is that butter is from animal source while margarine is from plant source.



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