Packaging Tactics That Sell


Online selling strategies have evolved throughout the years.  The internet, after all, is already in its second decade.  People have smartened up on some selling tactics that, because of overuse, have become passé. 

There is a need to come up with new marketing techniques to provide a boost for any online enterprise.  Internet marketers have experimented with a lot of novel approaches.  Though most of these have failed, some yielded more than positive results.  Indeed, a number of packaging tactics have been developed that have caused tremendous leaps in sales rates across the board.

What are these packaging tactics and how will you be able to employ them for your own online business?  Read on, dear friend, as we discuss some amazing sales strategies that are sure to reap fantastic dividends.

Onetime Offer

So you have a mailing list, and a big one at that.  But how is your conversion rate?  Onetime offers can immediately jack up your conversion rate by as much as 800% at the average.

Heres the deal.  Your subscribers have most probably gotten immune with your sales messages.  Indeed, you may be getting some yes customers from time to time, but the number of no respondents far outnumber them.  Onetime offers can help you change the mind of your no customers, but more importantly, they could help you bag the previously untapped members of your mailing list the maybe tomorrow prospects.

A onetime offer is an offer for an amazing value-loaded package for a limited time, with a warning that such an offer will NEVER happen again.  For example, youre selling a product for $47, normally.  Create a onetime offer that will cut the price in half, and support the same with a plethora of bonuses.  Offer this for one month. 

This would create a sense of panic on anyone who would get to know about your offer.  The result?  A mad rush to purchase the same!

In some circles, a onetime offer is also called a Fire Sale, alluding to the sheer bargain and urgency involved with the package.

Time Sensitive Offers

Time sensitive offers are very similar to onetime offers.  Time sensitive offers make use of some tools to include a timer on your sales page, with a warning that once the displayed time would run out, the readers wont be able to purchase the package ever again.

Again, the result is mass hysteria leading to a spike in your sales rate.  Imagine your sales page displaying the words xx:xx before this offer closes forever! with xx:xx representing the amount of time remaining.  The tools that can be used for time sensitive offers actually display the remaining period in real time, meaning, a virtual clock would appear on your page, and your visitors would get to see the seconds pass by.

If you dont have the resources to invest on these tools, you could always do things the old fashioned way.  You could specify an exact date as well as an exact time when the deal would expire.  It would be great if youd constantly update your sales page per day to indicate the number of days or hours remaining before your offer close its doors.

Proper Usage of Bonuses

This is pretty basic but some online marketers have failed to make the most out of including bonuses for their products.  Including bonuses doesnt only entail offering a slew of other products for free.  If you take this simple approach, you will just deteriorate the value of your bonuses.

Its all about the perceived value of the package as a whole.  You have to make your readers know that your package, not just your main product, is truly valuable and very much worth their hard earned money,

To do this, you have to include the real value of each and every one of your bonuses.  If bonus A is worth $50, then state that fact.  If bonus B is worth $20, state that fact as well.  The total value of all your bonuses combined should likewise be stated.  This would give your readers the impression of how much theyd be getting all the products if they were to purchase them individually.  And since your offer will be charging them for your main product alone, theyd have a clearer perspective about how valuable your package really is.



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