Facebook lover turned rapist


17 year old Ada Nba Agbaazue, who escaped from a Facebook lover turned rapist who intended to kill her for ritual purpose after sleeping with her in an uncompleted 18 Storey building in Abule-Ajanloco, Lagos.

Agbazue, who fell from the 18 storey building on a bid to escape from the killer, is presently lying at Ilemba Ajangbadi hospital in Lagos where she is being treated for multiple fractures
and other injuries.

According to her, a Facebook friend she
identified as Michael lured her through
Facebook to the abandoned building. Agbazue, on that fateful day, got dressed for a date with Michael. Narrating her ordeal, the young girl
stated that she got a call on her mobile phone.

“My phone rang and a man said he wanted to speak with me. I don’t know how he got my number but he told me that it was from my Facebook page but he is not my friend on Facebook. He told me his name is Michael but he is not any of the Michaels that I know.

Residents of the area saw Ada as she fell from the building thinking that she might be an apparition. Police authority however says that Agbazue was a victim of bad Facebook relationship.



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