Explosion Rocks Damaturu Eid Prayer Ground


The incident was believed to have been
caused by a female suicide bomber. A source told The Nation that he had counted five dead bodies.

Ahmad Adamu, a security volunteer told AFP: “There were two blasts near the Eid Prayer ground. The first blast went off around 07:15 local time while security volunteers, who had come earlier than worshippers, were waiting for the worshippers so they could assist in crowd control.”

Security operatives and men of the anti-bomb squard have condoned off praying grounds to prevent further attacks,Vanguard adds.

The Nigerian army has confirmed the death of 50 people in two separate Damaturu explosions, NAN provides. The statement
issued by Sani Usman, the army spokesman, reads:
“This is to confirm that there were two suicide bomb explosions today at about 7:40 a.m. in Damaturu, Yobe, in which two female suicide bombers – one elderly woman and a ten year- old girl – detonated the devices.

“It occurred at screening areas for intending Muslim worshippers at Layin Gwange, Damaturu and at Phase1, in front of former state secretariat, Damaturu.” While 43 people died in the first explosion, seven lives where claimed in the second



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