Fall Asleep In Less Than 1 Minute Every Night


Having trouble sleeping? This breathing trick can help you fall asleep in less than a minute. The method was developed by Harvard-educated,
wellness practitioner Dr. Andrew Weil, who specializes in breathing, meditation, and how it can be used to counteract stress.

How Does This Method Work?

It’s very easy; just breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds, and exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. This slows down your heart rate and it also releases
chemicals in your brain that soothe you. By using this breathing method, you counteract the natural effects of adrenaline. When you first begin, you may feel a bit uncomfortable, but as
you continue, you will feel very relaxed, your heart rate slow and your mind clear.

Give it a try tonight, and tell us what you think in the comments section below.



Why NYSC Bans Pregnant Women, Nursing Mothers From Service – DG


The Director-General of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig-Gen. Johnson Olawumi, has come out and give a very vivid explanation why pregnant women and nursing. mothers were banned from the. service. Brig-Gen. Johnson Olawumi said that pregnant women and nursing mothers were banned to make the programme more effective and to prevent a situation where they would be managing pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Brig-Gen. Johnson Olawumi, The NYSC boss promulgate this in Ilorin, Kwara state capital yesterday while inspecting facilities at the Nigerian Army School of Education (NASE), Sobi Barack ahead of the. NYSC’s promotion examination and interview slated for today.. He Said, “What we are saying is when a woman is pregnant, in the past we have had pregnant women, nursing mothers coming to camp. These were people who have come to camp, rather we see ourselves managing them.

So what we are saying now is if you are pregnant, why don’t you go, deliver and then when you are okay, you come and do your service, it is in their own interest and also to give effectiveness to what we are doing in the scheme. “I have come here at the Nigerian Army School of Education to look at the facilities
available which the NYSC plans to use for our promotion exam that is taking place tomorrow.

“I have gone round and I have seen very good, excellent facilities and I think I must give kudos to the commandant of the school for maintaining these facilities in the shape they are and they are quite fine for the purpose for which we want to use them tomorrow”.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) had on July 23, barred pregnant women, nursing mothers and students engaged in postgraduate studies from enlisting in the national service across the country.


Free And Essential Marketing Tools To Ensure Any Affiliate Partners Success


Time and time again, it has been said that affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, the quickest and most efficient way of earning a living online.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  For starters, most affiliate programs do not require any enrollment fees.  There is no financial investment on the part of the affiliate.  Secondly, the affiliate is only tasked with pre-selling the affiliate merchants products.  The sales page, the payment processing, the digital delivery, and the post sales services shall be borne by the affiliate merchant.

These shouldnt mean that the affiliate should want in commitment, however.  As a matter of fact, an affiliates success wholly depends on how much commitment he could give the program, and how much effort he could invest to pursue such commitment. 

Sometimes, this requires some monetary expenses.  Getting a web host, for example, as well as a domain name, would necessitate some cash to be laid out.  Getting professionally made graphics to make his website attractive can also cost some dough, in the event that the affiliate cannot do this for himself.  PPC advertising can equally be just as costly, if not even more, if the affiliate would ever decide to utilize this option.

But not everything needs to come at a price.  There are vital tools that would help ensure the affiliates success, and they can be availed of for free.

Here are the top five tools under this category.  Knowing them would give you the edge you need.  Using them would give you the head start that would push your online enterprise to the next level.

WordPress.  WordPress is a movable-type blog.  It is a software program you could download and use to create your own blogs which you could upload in your own server.  You wont have to settle for the words blogspot or livejournal or xanga to be attached to your URL.  You could host your blog under its own domain name, or as another page in your main website.  Blogs are great marketing tools.  They get indexed quite quickly by the search engines, and often, the figure prominently well in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  They could also give your main website the backlinks it needs to boost its own page rank.  Additionally, a blog can be customized to become your main website.  The primary advantage of this approach is the convenience youll receive when it comes to publishing content.  Download the WordPress client for free from http://www.wordpress.com .

NVU Website Creator.  Macromedia Dreamweaver is too expensive?  Microsoft Front Page is too complicated?  Then the NVU Website Creator is the program for you.  This software program streamlines the website creation process through an interface that is easy to use, but powerful enough to make professional-looking web pages.  Download the client for free from http://www.nvu.com .

Backlink Builder.  If youre maintaining your own website, either as a review center for your affiliate programs products, or as an affiliate mall for the same, or even as a blog which promotes the aforementioned digital items, you will need to build a thorough list of backlinks to increase your page rank.  The higher your page rank is, the better chances it will have of appearing in the first few pages of search engine results.  Dont know where to start?  Use the free tool available at http://www.webconfs.com/backlink-builder.php to discover all the places where you could leave some links to your website.

Keyword Selector Tool.  Keywords are the primary ingredients of any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.  You will use them for your meta tags, your h1 tags, your ALT tags, your page title, and your content.  You will even use them for the articles you will submit to the many article directories in the World Wide Web.  The proper use of keywords would result in the more efficient documentation of your website so that the search engine spiders will have an easier time finding your web pages for any relevant query.  And since 80% of the traffic that you will be able to generate for your website would come from the search engines, keywords become the most essential aspects of your site building efforts.  Need to find the right keywords?  Go to http://www.nichebot.com and use their powerful tool to determine the profitability of the keywords related to the affiliate products you will be promoting.

Statcounter.  You will need to study your websites statistics so that youll know what youre doing wrong, as well as replicate what youre doing correctly. For this purpose, simply copy and paste the code that will be provided by http://www.statcounter.com to get in-depth reports about the performance of your website.

All of these tools would improve your performance as an affiliate.  And the fact that they all come without charge just makes the deal even sweeter.  Try them out.  Chances are, you will realize that the best things in life can be free after all.


Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship

Please share these opportunities within your networks👇


  1. Australia Award Scholarship (http://australiaawardsindo.or.id)
  2. LPDP Scholarsh hip (http://www.beasiswalpdp.org/index.html)
  3. DIKTI Scholarship a. Dalam Negeri (http://www.beasiswa.dikti.go.id/dn/)b. Luar Negeri (http://beasiswa.dikti.go.id/ln/)
  4. Turkey Government Scholarship (http://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/index.php/en)
  5. General Cultural Scholarship India (http://www.iccrindia.net/gereralscheme.html)
  6. USA Government Scholarship a. (http://www.aminef.or.id/index.php)b. (http://www.iief.or.id)
  7. Netherland Government Scholarship (http://www.nesoindonesia.or.id/beasiswa)
  8. Korean Government Scholarship (http://www.niied.go.kr/eng/contents.do…)
  9. Belgium Government Scholarship (http://www.vliruos.be/4273.aspx)
  10. Israel … … xxx
  11. Sciences Po France (http://formation.sciences-po.fr/…/the-emile-boutmy-scholars…)
  12. Utrecht University Netherland (http://www.uu.nl/…/grantsandscholarships/Pages/utrechtexcel…)
  13. Prasetya Mulya Business School Indonesia (http://www.pmbs.ac.id/s2/scholarship.php?lang=ENG)
  14. Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarship (http://www.mofat.gov.bn/index.php/announcement)
  15. Monbugakusho Scholarship Japan (http://www.id.emb-japan.go.jp/sch.html)
  16. Paramadina University Master Fellowship Indonesia (https://gradschool.paramadina.ac.id/…/paramadina-medco-fell…)
  17. PPM School of Management Indonesia (http://ppm-manajemen.ac.id/beasiswa-penuh-s2-mm-reguler/)
  18. University of Twente Netherland (http://www.utwente.nl/internationa…/scholarshipsandgrants/…/)
  19. Sweden Government Scholarship (http://www.studyinsweden.se/Scholarships/)
  20. Chinese Government Scholarship (http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua/scholarshipdetailen.aspx…)
  21. Taiwan Government Scholarship (http://www.studyintaiwan.org/taiwan_scholarships.html)
  22. United Kingdom Government SCholarship (http://www.chevening.org/indonesia/)
  23. Panasonic Scholarship Japan (http://panasonic.net/citizensh…/scholarships/…/requirements/)
  24. Ancora Foundation Scholarship (http://ancorafoundation.com)
  25. Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowship Japan (http://www.api-fellowships.org/body/)
  26. AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship (http://www.seed-net.org/index.php)
  27. Art Asia Major Scholarship Korea National University of Arts (http://eng.karts.ac.kr:81/karts/board/list.jsp…)
  28. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Japan (http://www.apu.ac.jp/home/life/index.php?content_id=30)
  29. Seoul National University Korea (http://en.snu.ac.kr/…/gradu…/scholarships/before-application)
  30. DIKTIS Overseas Scholarship (http://www.pendis.kemenag.go.id/beasiswaln/)
  31. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation Japan (http://hisf.or.jp/english/sch-f/)
  32. IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (http://www.isdb.org/irj/portal/anonymous…)
  33. International HIV & Drug Use Fellowship USA (http://www.iasociety.org/fellowship.aspx)
  34. Nitori International Scholarship Foundation Japan (http://www.nitori-shougakuzaidan.com/en/)
  35. School of Government and Public Policy Indonesia (http://sgpp.ac.id/pages/financial-conditions)
  36. Inpex Scholarship Foundation Japan
  37. Asia University Taiwan (http://ciae.asia.edu.tw/AdmissionsScholarship.html)
  38. Macquaire University Australia (http://www.mq.edu.au/…/macquarie_university_international_…/ .

Please share for the benefit of  our youth


Types of Tech That Can Help You Sleep Better


It’s one of my top rules for better sleep:
Take technology out of the bedroom.
That’s right — remove your laptop, TV
and smartphone. No excuses! If you are
using your phone as an alarm clock, spend $5 for the real deal. If you’re in the habit of falling asleep to the TV, it’s time for a new routine. Why? Blue light emitted from these devices inhibits our body’s natural melatonin production, which we need to fall asleep and stay asleep each night. Quite simply, technology can keep us up at night. Still, there are some exceptions to the rule. I believe there is “good” technology that can actually help you to sleep better. and wake up rested in the morning. I’m highlighting my top six picks here. Feel free to bring these to bed.

1. Smart home and security devices
We need a decrease in core body
temperature to fall asleep and maintain
sleep. A thermostat that lowers room
temperature at bedtime will help you fall
asleep and maintain sleep. Have the
thermostat begin to raise room
temperature 30 minutes prior to wake
time to help you wake up. Some smart home devices allow you to lower and raise shades automatically and alert you if the doors are not locked and the garage door is open (this way you won’t worry about safety after bedtime).

2. Fitness monitor
Most fitness monitors like Fitbit,
Jawbone and Garmin have the ability to
monitor sleeping behavior. Don’t be
concerned about one or two nights of
poor sleep; look at how you are trending
over time.

3. Wake-up light
An alternative to the traditional alarm
clock is the wake-up light, which sits on
your bed table and wakes you up
naturally by slowly brightening so that it
feels like you’re waking up with the sun. Think about it — before electricity, we slept and woke by the sun, taking our cues from Mother Nature. That’s best for our bodies. I like the ones by Philips, which offer multiple brightness settings
to fit your personal preferences. Here’s an additional tip for you: As you wake up, don’t immediately jump out of bed. Instead take five minutes to do a bit of light stretching. The combination is an effective, gentle way to wake up each morning.

4. Sleep Smart bed
Most mattresses are passive – they just lie there! This sleep system has built-in
technology that actually “reads” your
body, so it adjusts itself to your body. An
interactive sleep experience, Sleep Smart mattresses are designed to monitor movement, understand pain, ease pressure, track sleep patterns and even gently wake you from a deep sleep. As your body changes (pregnancy, weight gain, age) the bed will change with you.

How? Scientific Measurement And Response Technology (S.M.A.R.T) sensors automatically trigger air cylinders that slowly expand or contract for individualized comfort. Paired with an optional app you can view graphical sleep reports showing the amount of time slept, how well you slept and how your sleep patterns have changed over time.

(Note: I helped develop Sleep Smart through research collected at the Sleep to Live Institute. The Sleep to Live Institute is the research arm of Kingsdown, the company that manufactures the Sleep Smart sleep system.)

5. Low-blue nightlight
Remember when I mentioned that blue
light can inhibit the production of
melatonin? Low blue-light bulbs provide
light (an amber glow) without the
negative side-effects of blue light. That’s
why I suggest that all nightlights in the
house should be low blue light. This way
if you wake in the middle of the night –
whether for two minutes or 10 – the light
won’t disturb you and wake you further. On that note, if you do wake at night, it’s not the time to read or watch TV. That will only wake you further. Sit in a dark space and take some time to lightly stretch, meditate or pray. Soon enough your bed will be calling you back.

6. White noise machine
Noise is incredibly disruptive to our sleep. Whether it’s the dripping faucet or
the neighbor’s blaring stereo, the sounds
around you can destroy your shuteye.
White noise machines have been around
for decades and they’re still one of the
most effective. This is not a reason to
bring your phone in the bedroom; I don’t
want you using a white noise app.
Instead I recommend Marpac , the
company behind the original white noise
machine. Turn this on each night and
tune out the rest of the world.


President Buhari set to end Bsc, HND Dichotomy – JAMB


President Buhari set to end Bsc, HND Dichotomy – JAMB Registrar

President Buhari Ready To End Bsc, HND Dichotomy – JAMB Registrar Strong indication emerged on Wednesday that President Muhammadu Buhari is willing to implement the waver that will end the Bsc and HND dichotomy.

HND will now be changed to Btech which means Bachelor of Technology.
This assertion was made know by the Registrar/Chief Executive of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, (JAMB), Prof. Dibu Ojerinde. Buhari received the updated report on the Bsc and HND saga which was presented by the Permanent Secretary Federal Ministry of Education, MacJohn Nwaobiala last Tuesday. Ojerinde who was part of the delegation said Buhari is willing to end the dichotomy.

He disclosed this in Abuja when he spoke with few selected newsmen on how to solve the lingering crisis of admission into universities. The JAMB boss revealed that:

“The last administration set up a committee to look at how we can now merge the two, the report was ready but it was not handled by the last administration.” His words: “The system has not given adequate vision for the other levels of education. We have not encouraged technical education, we have not encouraged Teachers education also, in fact we have not encouraged Agricultural education to the extent that everybody feels that the only way to survive is to go to the University.

“The only way to make it is to have a degree, so I am saying we should revisit our system, we should look at why candidates don’t want to go to polytechnics, and we should look at why they don’t want teachers’ education we should also revisit why they don’t want agriculture.

“By our experience, most people will like to study law, engineering, medicine,
accountancy, these are the top courses been sought for in the universities nobody wants to study education. So I see we have problem in that area and I am sure the Federal Ministry of
Education is trying to solve that problem.

“First of all Technical Education, there’s dichotomy between Bachelors degree and National Diploma or Higher National
Diploma, (HND). It was one of the things
presented to Mr. President to find a way of implementing the waver of the dichotomy between HND and the Bsc degree. The so called HND should now be changed to Btech which means Bachelor of Technology. “Former President Musa Yar’Adua may his soul rest in peace, said he doesn’t have any problem with Btech.

Unfortunately, government also has not sorted this entire problem. And there are such cases of people like me in this country, I wouldn’t have been able to read, I wouldn’t have been able to go to school. So what I am saying is, government should look at. how we can improve technical education.

“Let me refer to what Oby Ezekwensili the former Minister of Education said, she was determined to implement Btech in our Technical System, college of Education. All this places should be well equipped for Btech. “Four colleges of Education have been upgraded to universities of Education, you will see the rush gaainto those universities now because they can now get bachelor’s degree.

And when they come to the public they will not be a push away. So this is where we are, I think if I go by what we saw on Wednesday, President Buhari and the Vice President listened and they were interested in what we presented.”


NUPENG commends Buhari over move to split NNPC into two


The National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) on Wednesday commended President Muhammadu Buhari over his move to split Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) into two.

Mr Tokunbo Korodo, the South-West Chairman of the union, said the plan would enhance the performance of the nation’s petroleum industry. He said that the government plans should form
one of the key steps of the new administration’s reform agenda of the country’s oil and gas sector.

The chairman said that the corporation, contary to other opinions, had not performed optimally in serving the nation. According to him, if splitting NNPC into two or more bodies will make it effective and efficient the government should go ahead with the plan.

Korodo lamented that all the NNPC depots in the country were not in good condition, adding that tanker drivers had resulted to patronising private depots in Lagos to lift petroleum products.

The chairman said that the over dependant of his members on private depots had resulted in the increase in the official pump price of petroleum products. He said that private depots usually sell products, especially premium motor spirit (petrol), at N90 per litre. Korodo said that members would have occommodated the 87 pump price of petrol only if NNPC was using all its depots to distribute the products to oil marketers across the nation.

He also said the current process of acquiring products by oil marketers had made it impossible for them to sell at filling stations at N87 per litre. Buhari had, during his visit to the U.S., said government was considering the option of splitting the nation’s oil company into two as part of its reform programme of the sector.


What are the causes of stomach Bloating?


Bloating could be caused by several
factors and you may want to check with your doctor to find out what the cause really is. If it is not caused by a chronic heart or liver condition, it is probably due to the following factors;

*Eating too fast
*Using straw to suck drinks which sucks in gas with it
*Ovarian cancer
*Weight gain
*Overgrowth of bacteria in the small bowel
*fluid in the abdominal cavity (ascites) as a result of cancer, liver disease, kidney failure, congestive heart failure, and other disorders

The Food Causes of Bloating Explained

Apart from the habits and medical conditions listed above, foods can also cause bloating –which ultimately can still be released to medical conditions.
For example, consumption of carbonated drinks and food that is high in lactose by people who are lactose intolerant (e.g. Milk) can cause a
bloated stomach to develop. Also, consumption of wheat gluten by people who cannot tolerate it causes it too. Foods that are rich in gluten include;

*Foods made from Barley e.g. malt, malt drinks, malt flavoring and malt vinegar
*Avoid foods made from wheat flour e.g. bread, cake, pasta, etc., unless they are made from corn, rice, soy or labelled Gluten-free.

What are the Symptoms?

The most prominent symptom is the feeling of fullness especially just after eating. It usually also come with distention where the stomach is visibly larger than normal. Other symptoms that
may accompany it include;

*abdominal pain
*blood in the stools or dark, tarry looking stools
*worsening heartburn
*unexplained weight loss

Tips For Getting Rid Of A Bloated Stomach

If your bloating comes with any of the symptoms listed in bullets above, then you just have to see a medical doctor. Otherwise, adjusting your diet and eating habits can make your bloating go away over time. What you should do include;

*Chewing gum can cause you to swallow extra
air. Avoid it.
*Reduce your intake of carbonated drinks.
*Avoid “gassy” foods, such vegetables in the cabbage family, dried beans, and lentils.
*Eat slowly.
*Avoid sucking drinks with a straw.
*Lose weight if you are overweight. You should
*Use lactose-free dairy products, e.g. Yoghurt.

Now that you know what to do. It is time to get rid of that bloating.


It May Be Best To Only Eat Sour Garri


Gari is a creamy-white, granular flour with fermented flavour and a slightly sour taste, made from fermented, gelatinized fresh cassava tubers. It is usually eaten with various types of
soups like ewedu , efo riro (spinach), Akwa-ibom’s afang soup and many more we cannot begin to mention here. Many people in Nigeria and other West African countries, where garri is very popular soak it in water, add sugar
(sometimes with Milk) and eat with roasted groundnut, donkwa, fried or roasted fish, coconut and more.

I have seen jokes talking about how garri was never advertised and continues to best other foods in terms of sales in the market. This is to tell you how much garri is popular in these
countries. Someone wrote on his twitter one day – “Garri, saving life since 1800s”. These things are so true about garri.

Do you know what makes garri sour? Well, it is a process called fermentation which takes place during the production of garri and it is usually in two stages. I will try as much as possible not to use too much technical terms but when we have to mention scientific names, there is no way around it.

(i) The first involves a bacterium Corynebacteria manihot attacking the starch in the cassava roots, leading to the production of various organic acids (such as lactic and formic acids) and the lowering of substrate pH.

(ii) In the second stage, the acidic condition stimulates the growth of a mold, Geotrichum candida , which proliferates rapidly, causing further acidification and production of a series of aldehydes and esters that are responsible for the taste and aroma of gari (Odunfa 1985).

Cassava contains the cyanogenic glucosides, linamarin and lotaustralin which are hydrolyzed after peeling, cutting and pulverising the cassava; and end up as hydrogen cyanide [HCN] (Conn 1969). The hydrogen cyanide is
responsible for chronic toxicity when
inadequately processed cassava products are consumed by humans and animals for prolonged periods.

The traditional processing of cassava into lafun, garri and fufu unsure that most of this HCN is removed.

Apart from acute toxicity that may
result in death, consumption of sub-lethal dose of cyanide from cassava production over a long period of time results in chronic cyanide toxicity.
That increases the prevalence of goitre and cretinism in iodine deficient area.

The symptoms of cyanide poisoning from consumption of cassava with high level of cyanogens include vomiting, stomach pains, dizziness, headache, weakness and charkha. Many local processors of garri want to make as
much garri as they can make because of high demands from the market. Instead of expanding production and engage more people and equipment, what many have done is to modify how they process garri. They cut on the period
they should subject the cassava to, in order to ferment. They don’t know what they are doing.

As mentioned above, the liberated cyanide (HCN) will dissolve in the water when fermentation is effected by prolonged soaking, and will evaporate when the fermented cassava is dried.

This can also be found in several published research works on garri. Prolonged soaking is the key phrase there. How do you know that the cassava from which your garri was made had gone through this effective long soaking? It would normally be sour. Like I have explained above, fermentation produces low acidic pH which makes your garri sour.

This acidity also helps eliminate some
microorganisms in your garri making it safe for consumption and last longer on the shelf.