9 Tips To Help You Overcome Your Crippling Social Media Anxiety

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An interesting phenomenon that is more or less exclusive to our generation is Social Media Anxiety (SMA). If you are on social media in any capacity then you have certainly felt this kind of pressure before.

This new, betchy twist on classic General Anxiety Disorder encompasses the panic that one feels about posting a new photo or status update. Since this is the year 2015 and we are no longer cavemen (men have walked on the MOON, dude), the obvious objective of any social media endeavor is to accrue as many “likes” as possible. Anyone who says otherwise is an elitist hippie who probably went to Wesleyan. Some common questions you might ask yourself include:

“Which filter should I use?”

“Should I go for a funny caption?”

“How’s my like-to-minute ratio?”

“Is this a good time to post? Should I just wait til tomorrow?”

As ridiculous as these might…

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