5 things to remember if you’re feeling a little lonely…

A Girl In Europe

How heartbreakingly sad does this pug look? Seriously, it’s nearly making me cry over here. Well if you every feel as lonely as this little pug then here are 5 ways to bring you out of the blues and feeling good again!

1) There is nothing lonelier than sitting staring at the same 4 walls, it’s your home, you know everything already, so get out! Get out of there, put clean clothes and take a gander into the outside, a little fresh air never hurt anybody!

2) Don’t take it personally, if people are busy or haven’t got time chances are it’s nothing to do with you!

3) Get cleaning the oven, or bake a cake, even sort out your wardrobe, do things that have been nagging you since last October, you’ll feel 10x better when you have something to do (btw this is the only time I…

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