15 People On What Their Parents Told Them About Sex

Thought Catalog

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1. “Mummys and Daddys fit together.”

When I was about 4, I was presented with Babette Cole’s books “Mummy Laid an Egg” and “Hair in Funny Places” which basically explain reproduction and puberty for kids.

That was my SexEd. I remember getting in trouble aged 7 for telling my classmates that storks don’t bring babies, babies happen when “Mummys and Daddys fit together.”

2. “Keep it in your pants….Keep your pants on.”

My dad’s speech to my brothers: Keep it in your pants.

My dad’s speech to me: Keep your pants on.

That was all we got.

3. “You have sex, you get an STD, you DIE!”

When I was a teenager my mom was so scared after seeing a lot of 13yo with pregnancies and STDs that she went into crazy mode, aka “You have sex, you get an STD, you DIE!”. Luckily, I did not…

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