How to Be an Entrepreneur and a Parent


One of the most challenging aspects of life is achieving the right work/life balance. This goes double for today’s world where many people don’t know how to properly handle various commitments and everyday stressors.
Entrepreneurs who are also parents can feel the brunt of failing to achieve the right work/life balance particularly hard.
On the one hand, they’re highly enthusiastic and passionate about their work and business, yet, on the other hand, they want to spend enough time with their kids and families, too! Getting it just right between the two commitments has been a problem for many generations.
We salute hard-working entrepreneurs making a success of themselves in our Economy while also trying to balance family life.
That’s why we’ve compiled this ultra-handy list of how entrepreneurs can also make time for their kids.

Commit to One Thing at a Time Since being an entrepreneur and a parent are
equally important, you want to devote enough time, passion and energy to each equally well. This means that, when you decide to spend time
with your kids for some good, old quality time, you really have to spend time with them! For far too many entrepreneurs, it’s extremely tempting to whip out that smartphone or tablet and research or read when they’re spending time with their kids. For instance, how many parents have done just that when their kids are playing at the park or in the sandbox? Far too many. You don’t want your work time cutting into your quality time with your kids because your kids will pick up on how you’re demoting them in terms of importance. And you don’t want friction with your kids, if it’s entirely avoidable. If you absolutely have to check email or quickly take a phone call, make it a point to limit the time away from your kids for only a couple of minutes. Otherwise, work starts to cut into family time, which creates an imbalance in the work/life balance.

Don’t Feel Pressured to Do Something With Your Kids All the Time
Some young parents, just getting into the swing of parenthood, frequently make the mistake of thinking that they have to entertain their kids all the time. They mistakenly believe that free time for kids should be quality time with mom or dad, but that should be reconsidered.
Even if your kids have the day off from school, for example, it’s perfectly fine not to entertain them the whole day. You’d be surprised just how comfortable and happy they are to spend some time by themselves in their own room,
surrounded by their toys, familiar surroundings and games and activities they can use to entertain…themselves!
Besides, you don’t want your kids getting too dependent on you or too inseparable from you, even at a young age. So if they do have a day off from school, explore other options that can include setting up play dates with their friends or just having them do something in their room by themselves for a few hours.

Understand That You Can Give Your Kids A Lot More Than Just Financial Things
According to Anna Beth Benningfield, a Dallas psychologist and business consultant, some entrepreneurs can go overboard by spoiling their kids by giving them too many material things. It’s an all too common trap to fall into, and Benningfield says that that’s particularly the case if entrepreneurs come from a low-income background. Psychologically speaking, they just want to overcompensate for what theythemselves didn’t have growing up as kids. Nonetheless, such a simplistic way of approaching parenting should be kept to a minimum because there are many more important things to give your kids other than just material things. Your kids can learn so much more from you as a parent when you teach them values and qualities that they can use the rest of their lives and will make them stronger people. For instance, this includes helping your kids learn to work smart and hard, teaching them to save for something they really desire, and getting them to see that making sacrifices in the short term can help ensure longer term success.

Entrepreneurship and Parenthood: Not Diametrically Opposed to Each Other
Being an entrepreneur and a parent is completely possible, and you can even excel at both equally well. With all of the progress in productivity and knowledge in today’s world, achieving the right work/life balance is not just a pipe dream. Set your mind to being a great entrepreneur and a great parent, and you’ll see satisfying results in both goals. Of course, it’s going to take commitment on your part, but as an entrepreneur, you already know much of what there is to know about setting goals, seeing things through and executing well. You have your whole business background to fall back on…so use the skills you’ve cultivated there to also become a standout parent! It’s very much within reach.

by Infodynamics


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