When will payoneer listen to Nigerians?

There have been so many instances of our cards being hacked and our hard earned money being withdrawn.

The hackers usually do this hideous act from INDIA!

The apparent silence from Payoneer have gone on far too long; this silence is portraying the thought that Payoneer knows about this clearly and they are in alliance with these hackers from INDIA. Though this is not true in reality, since Payoneer is a respected company partnering with Renowned and reputable companies. So why would some people think that Payoneer is conniving with indian hackers to scam Nigerians? This comes from their deafening silence, which will make many people to start spreading their own “truth”.

We call on Payoneer to come and address this issue once and for all! This constant hacking of our cards from INDIA is killing our business and it demands immediate attention. There are millions of nigerians who earn their money online with hard work and genuinely, and who deserve the respect of Payoneer considering that when we use your cards, we equally make money for Payoneer too.

Payoneer should come and let us know what they are doing to curb this menace once and for all before this becomes a fodder for blogs, news media outlets and social media networks.


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