Post Entry Level Jobs Here For Those Without Experience


Please post any resource materials or information you have got to help out to reduce frustration that could arise from not having a job.


One thought on “Post Entry Level Jobs Here For Those Without Experience

  1. 10 things recruiters and
    employers want to hear in
    an interview

    Employers are looking for someone who will
    make their life easier, not more difficult. They
    are busy people with targets to meet, tasks to
    be achieved, people to manage. They are
    recruiting because they need another team
    member, but they are aware that taking on a
    new team member can slow everything down
    at first while they are inducted, taught the
    job, get to know everyone, and fit into the
    Their ideal is to find someone who can do the
    job, is sensible, has the right attitude, will fit
    easily into the team and wants to work with
    the company. If you can convey to them that
    you can do all those things, then there is no
    reason not to hire you

    So you are on the shortlist at least!
    Ten things you should make sure you get over
    to the interviewer;-
    1. I have the skills, competencies and
    professionalism to do this job effectively
    2. I understand what the job involves and
    will be an asset to your business, I will
    help to drive the business forward and I
    will not be a problem.
    3. You will not have to ask me to things
    several times –I will do them first time of
    asking, or if there is a reason why not I
    will justify it straight away
    4. I will do what you ask and get it right first
    time every time.
    5. I am easy to get on with, and will be a
    team player; and will not “rock the boat”
    with existing employees or cause conflict.
    6. I can accept constructive criticism with
    grace – I know it helps me to learn and
    7. I will be loyal to you and will not be a “job
    –hopper” – meaning that you will not
    need to rehire again as soon as you have
    taught me this job.
    8. I will be a committed and responsible
    9. I will fit into the organization
    10. I want to work with you and the
    Good Luck!!

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